UPDATE 3: KATANA, VIBE Get Solo Series, GA Gets New Team


Update 3:
Here's absolute proof that a Vibe solo series is on the way. With this cover by artist David Finch (not series artist Pete Woods), writer Andrew Kreisberg joins in the essay fun, promising a new era for Cisco "Paco" Ramone, a character he in fact made fun of in an episode of Justice League Unlimited years ago.

"When we meet him, he has no plans to be a superhero. But when his powers become known to A.R.G.U.S. and Amanda Waller, Cisco is recruited by AGENT DALE GUNN. Detroit is an inter-dimensional hot zone. Any number of beings and creatures are able to enter our dimension through the motor city. Cisco is the only one who can sense these incursions… and fight them. And so, to save our dimension from dark forces from beyond our Universe, Cisco becomes the super hero known as Vibe."

Click here for his full essay, and look for Vibe #1 on stands in February 2012.


Update 2: And now here's a black and white cover art look at Katana #1 by Alex Sanchez. Like the GA piece, the art comes with an essay by series writer Ann Nocenti. The writer promises a deeper look at Katana, her mysterious soul sword, and the introduction of a supporting cast that includes other weapon-named avatars of ancient clans.

"The spirit of Katana lies in the true Samurai of long ago; both those trained to protect nobility and the clans that rose in the countryside to protect villages. They were ruled by codes of honor, bravery and selflessness, but over the years many devolved into assassins for hire. Katana will encounter and battle modern day versions of ancient clans, the Sword Clan and Dagger Clan, and her antagonists will include SICKLE, COIL and SHACKLE, men who have mastered their preferred weapons."

Nocenti's essay is here, Sanchez's cover is to your left. It's the one with the sword.


Update 1: The first art for the Jeff Lemire/Andrea Sorrentino run on Green Arrow has debuted, a solo shot of Oliver Queen, bow drawn. Lemire also gave MTV an essay about his upcoming run, which offers some hope to fans who may miss Green Arrow's heyday.

"Green Arrow is a character that always has the potential to be a major player in the DCU. When I took on Animal Man, I immediately saw it as a chance to do my version of the classic Vertigo horror/superhero books I loved as a teenager. And, similarly, the first thing I thought of with Green Arrow was a chance to do a really hard hitting, crime/superhero book in the tradition of Mike Grell’s classic run on the character or Denny O’Neil’s The Question comics from the late 80’s early 90’s. Quite simply, I wanted to make Green Arrow a hunter again. A street level hero of the gutters caught up in a world of violence, betrayal and conspiracy."

Click here for the full essay, and enjoy Sorrentino's artwork to your right.


Original Story: We wondered what would replace the four titles being canceled in January 2013. We knew about Justice League of America, and now two more series have been revealed, but you may think it's some kind of prank.

Are you ready for Vibe #1 and Katana #1? That's what's coming in February 2013 from DC Comics, announced today on MTV Geek. The two series will tie into the new home of the characters, JLA. Katana spins-off from the character's current title, Birds of Prey. The book will be written by Ann Nocenti and drawn by Alex Sanchez. Arrow creator Andrew Kreisberg and artist Pete Woods take on Vibe.

Nothing else was said about the series, though more is promised as the day progresses. Green Arrow also gets the new creative team of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino in February.

That still leaves one more title to round out the magic number of 52 that month, a number that DC still loves. There will be 52 variant covers for Justice League of America #1, featuring each state in the country getting a spotlight.

More on the new series as it comes in.

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