New Writer Brings Daredevil, Revamped Lineup to X-MEN

More than a year since Fear Itself: Wolverine wrapped, writer Seth Peck is back at Marvel, taking over the adjectiveless X-Men title from Brian Wood as of next week's issue, #38.

Joined by artist Paul Azaceta, Peck's presenting a two-issue team-up story starring the unconventional pairing of Domino and Daredevil — a duo that, as Peck tells us, has more in common that you might expect. Following that, he's introducing a new lineup to the series, consisting of holdovers Storm and Pixie, along with Iceman, Angel and Chamber, a personal favorite of the writer.

Newsarama talked with Peck about his plans for X-Men, his new team's mission, and the major creator-owned project he's got in the works.

X-Men #38


Newsarama: Seth, to start things out, let's clear something up that people might be curious about: Are you on X-Men long term at this point, or just the next few issues?

Seth Peck: Right now I am on board for issues #38-#41.

Nrama: What can you share about how the X-Men assignment came to be for you? Your last Marvel work, of course, was also in the X-Men family — Fear Itself: Wolverine — so obviously you were already familiar with X-books editorial.

Peck: I work full-time in special education at the high school level, but Jeanine Schaefer and I had been keeping in touch, waiting for the right opportunity to work together again. She needed someone to step in for a bit after Brian Wood's run, and the assignment gave me a lot of room creatively, so it was a good fit.

Nrama: Domino appears to be the central character for your first arc — what do you like about her, and what aspects of her personality are you looking to explore?

Peck: I like that Domino is her own person, that she's self-assured and extremely good at what she does. I wanted to examine her need for excitement, that side of her that keeps throwing herself headlong into danger. In many ways, she's a thrill-junkie, and the risk inherent in the mercenary lifestyle appeals to her. That said, she finds herself on this "police squad" team of X-Men that Cyclops has assembled, and she is beginning to question her place there.

X-Men #39


Nrama: Aside from Domino, what other X-Men are you planning to use in the story?

Peck: The first two issues are all-Domino… and Daredevil. The next two issues feature a new lineup, consisting of Storm, Chamber, Pixie, Iceman, and Angel.

Nrama: Well, that's certainly is an intriguing roster — how did you arrive on that cast? Chamber especially is a character that hasn't been around much lately, so I would guess he's someone you're personally fond of.

Peck: Yeah, I'm a big fan of Chamber. I like the idea that not all mutants are pretty. Sometimes you get angel wings and sometimes you get half your face blown off, you know?

Iceman is another favorite, and Angel is sort of central to the team's mission. Storm and Pixie are the only two left over from the last team (and cool characters in their own right).

Nrama: What can you say about the story involving the new team? How much does it play into the post-Avengers vs. X-Men landscape, where things are clearly very different for the X-Men?

Peck: The story revolves around the search for a new mutant. It's post-AvX, and it will reflect some of the changes that storyline brought about. In addition to a new mutant, the story will also introduce a new team of antagonists, one that has ties to a previous group of X-foes.

X-Men #40


Nrama: To rewind a bit, as noted, Daredevil is co-starring in your first two issues, a character that definitely doesn't have much history with the X-Men, in the relative sense that so many Marvel characters have shared so many stories together. What motivated you to use him in your story? And is the idea to return to the original concept of the series — teaming the X-Men with characters from the broader Marvel Universe?

Peck: There were a lot of reasons I put Daredevil in the story, and the fact that he doesn't have a lot of history with the X-Men was one of them. When I took the assignment, I wanted to do something different, and give people a reason to pick up a book written by a guy they'd most likely never heard of. Daredevil is a fantastic character, and he brings a lot to the table in terms of a guest-star.

I'm eternally grateful to Jeanine and Stephen Wacker for entrusting him to me. I think there's a cool chemistry between Domino and Daredevil, and he's got a long history of complicated relationships with dangerous women. It does also go back to the original concept of the series, so I think it all fit together nicely.

Nrama: To move beyond X-Men, you've worked on a couple of different creator-owned series in the past, and now that you're active once again in comics, do you have any further work in development right now?

Peck: I do, and while I hate being cryptic, I'm about a month out from announcing the biggest project I've undertaken. It's creator-owned, and will be a joint effort with some of my best friends and fellow creators, with involvement from an amazing array of talent. I'm really excited about it, and proud of what we are putting together… can't wait for folks to see it!

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