DOLLAR BILL Gets Before Watchmen Special


Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill is the next one-shot in the line, as DC continues to expand the Watchmen universe in January, 2012, the publisher announced on MTV Geek this morning. The special will be written by Len Wein with art by Steve Rude.

Dollar Bill can be looked at as an interesting choice for his own spotlight. Appearing originally in just a couple panels in the original Watchmen, more of the Bank-sponsored superhero's background is given in the "Under the Hood" book that exists inside the universe of the story. The character is also fleshed out and given a real name in the Role-Playing Sourcebook based on the series.

Len Wein doesn't shy away from the character's obscurity, though, telling MTV, "He's never been visited before. Of all the Watchmen, he's the one with the least information given about him over the course of the series."

Dollar Bill received sponsorship and a costume from a bank in the series' lore. His flashy dollar-sign costume and national ad campaign are what ostensibly got him targeted and killed.

The inclusion of the obscure character in DC's publishing plan for Before Watchmen suggests that virtually any character, big or small, that was mentioned in the original series could potentially be used for their own story. So who might be next? Mothman? Silhouette? Doug Roth in a Marvels style reporter-view tale? Completely original concepts set in the Watchmen-universe?

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