HARBINGER Gets Zero Issue, Deeper Origin

Suayan Cover

Crain Pullbox


Larosa Variant

Joshua Dysart and artist Mico Suayan are reaching into the past of the fledgling Valiant Universe next February with Harbinger #0. The story goes into the origin of Toyo Harada, who has been both mentor and villain to our hero Peter Stanchek.

The issue, a standalone story, will show how Harada moved from a young man discovering superpowers to the "despot" leader of the Harbinger Foundation.

Harbinger #0 will feature a standard cover by Mico Suayan and Valiant's first-ever wraparound gatefold variant by Lewis Larosa. Like most of their other issues, a special Pullbox Exclusive Variant will also be available for the issue, only to fans that pre-order it through their local comic shop. That cover is by a pair of Claytons - Henry and Crain.

The issue, with all three covers, goes on sale February 6, 2013.

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