Arthur Adams Pays Tribute to the Silver Age in FF #1 Variant


The latest Marvel NOW! variant cover is by Arthur Adams, and for his take on FF #1, he's going straight to the Fantastic Four source.

The cover is the latest tribute to the legendary cover of 1961's , down to the dialogue of the FF main cast — Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Medusa and Miss Thing — paralleling that of the original team. The Marvel NOW! FF is gathered to fill in for the original team while they embark on a family vacation through time and space, which is meant to only take four minutes of time on Earth — as alluded to on the FF #1 variant cover — but things don't go as planned.

The original  

Fantastic Four #1.

Along the way, the FF team will deal with classic Fantastic Four villains — with Dr. Doom at the top of that list, due to the fact that he killed Scott Lang's daughter Cassie during .

"Whereas Fantastic Four is constant new stuff and new places we've not been before, FF is the greatest hits performed by a brand-new band," FF writer Matt Fraction told Newsarama.

The book is out on Nov. 28, from Fraction and artist Mike Allred. The new volume of , also written by Fraction and with art by Mark Bagley, debuts on Nov. 14.

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