Teaser: A Third UNCANNY Series at Marvel NOW!?


Update Nov 2: Another teaser, and this one, found on Marvel.com, is a doozy. "Uncanny" by Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo. Wait a second, don't we already have two Uncanny series at Marvel Comics?

That's right, it looks like another Uncanny is joining the ranks of Uncanny Avengers and Uncanny X-Force in February 2012. Now, there may be temptation to start trying to think of how other teams might go Uncanny. Uncanny Four? After all, the Fantastic Four has had mutant members in the past. Uncanny Defenders? Um, sure, why not? Uncanny Great Lakes Avengers? Okay, even we admit we're just getting silly now. Occam's Razor gives us only one real possibility here, though: Uncanny X-Men. After all, Bendis is shepherding the X-Men line now, and Chris Bachalo is known for his work with Marvel's Mutants.

Writer Kieron Gillen has written two final issues of Uncanny X-Men in two consecutive years. One, post-Schism, launched the book, and team, as the focal point of Cyclops' "extinction team" of heavy-hitters. The second ended the series in anticipation of Marvel NOW! launches of two new titles: Uncanny Avengers and All-New X-Men.

Brian Michael Bendis told us back on July 24, 2012 that he would be launching more in the X-Men line as time progressed, as well.


Nrama: So to circle back just a bit: Is it just the one X-Men book for you?

Bendis: This is the start of an X-Men run which I hunker down as firmly as I did on Avengers, and allow, on its own basis, other series to debut. When I started on Avengers, we did New Avengers for a while, and then we did Mighty and others. It wasn't right away.

Nrama: Right, it was about two-and-a-half years into it.

Bendis: It'll be faster than that, but [All-New X-Men] will be the flagship book.


So, who will be the cast of this presumably new Uncanny X-Men? Well, teaser pages of All-New seem to show Cyclops and most of his extinction team out of jail and traveling around, so they could get the spotlight once more. The red shot of light behind the word sure looks like Cyclops's optic blast, too. Some of the "New Mutants" are displaced, especially since teammates Cannonball and Sunspot are now on the main Avengers squad. Of course, there are also actual new mutants post-AvX, so it's possible they'll find a home in this new title, too.

No matter who winds up being in it, we know one thing: a third Uncanny series, by Bendis and Bachalo is coming February, 2013.


Original Story: The one-word Marvel NOW! teasers are back, this time promoting a February 2013 release with the adjective "Fearless," from the creative team of writer Cullen Bunn (Venom, Wolverine) and artist Will Sliney (Farscape, Star Wars: The Clone Wars).

So — what upcoming series is this promoting? When you think "Fearless" and you think "Marvel," your first indication would likely be "Daredevil" — the Man Without Fear — but the publisher has given every indication that Mark Waid is on that multiple award-winning book for the long haul.

If you think back to the bygone era of 2011, Cullen Bunn was the lead writer of a 12-part, biweekly miniseries titled Fear Itself: The Fearless, a Fear Itself aftermath story that saw Valkyrie and Sin competing to find the Worthy's enchanted hammers. It's not clear at this point if this new series has anything to do with that, but the combination of Bunn and the word "Fearless" certainly makes it worth considering.

Check back with Newsarama in exactly one week for the full reveal of "Fearless" — and it's likely not a Taylor Swift album or a Jeff Bridges film — and the exclusive first interview with the creative team.

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