Visit Gaming's Haunted Houses for HALLOWEEN

It's Halloween and if you are a virtual being in the market for a scare, then you are in luck.  Decades of gaming (real estate) development have delivered acres of houses for you lose you mind in. All you have to choose is how you want to be done in. 


Graves Manor

Game: Haunted House (1982)

Haunted By: Bats, Spiders, the Late Owner

This piece of classical architecture was both ahead of its time and a victim of its age. Though it was three floors high plus a basement, its near total lack of features or furniture and its sharp geometric design would make it appealing to connoisseurs of post-modernism. Visitor's need be wary of the wildlife that has moved in in the interim since Zachary Graves died, the bats and spiders deliver instant death upon contact, as does the unique instance of unlife that was once the lord of the manor.  


Spencer Mansion

Game: Resident Evil (1996)

Haunted By: Zombies

The far end of the aesthetic scale from the geometric Graves Manor, the Spencer Mansion is a lavishly decorated labyrinth of a home. Its esoteric design includes elaborately conceives doors, gates and even traps that crush the unwary into cold cuts. If that wasn't bad enough, the mansion is infested by the walking dead, bloodthirsty hounds and nigh-invincible bio-organic weapons.  


Belli Castle

Game: Haunting Ground (2005)

Haunted By: Crazy People

A classical European-style palace, Belli Castle was built to disorientate. Unlike most of its virtual counterparts, this haunted house was deigned to keep people in, specifically those who can benefit its mad scientist master and his cadre of insane creations. Involuntary visitors looking to make an exit are suggested to bring along a dog and a good pair of running shoes. 


Roivas Mansion

Game: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (2002)

Haunted By: Madness

The only real problem with this massive New England estate is distinguishing what is real and what is just the effect of a war between ancient gods of chaos have on the minds of people who live there. Are there really corpses sealed in the walls? Is that antique footed bathtub really full of blood? It doesn’t matter, it's been in the Roivas family for generations, and if you can keep your head, literally and figuratively, you can unlock unlimited power, but you'll let something Else out at the same time. 


Luigi's Mansion

Game: Luigi's Mansion (2001)

Haunted By: Ghosts

Built as a trap for Luigi's more famous brother, this five story manor resembling an English country house is so infested with specters that it takes near-industrial scale “ghost-busting” equipment to clean it out. A true test of your nerve and housecleaning skills, a fortune of treasure can be yours if you can master the use of your flashlight and vacuum cleaner, but you might not be happy with what is left when you finally complete the exorcism. 



Game: Castlevania Series (1986-)

Haunted By: Vampires, Everything

The semi-sentient, pan-dimensional Neuschwanstein of pure evil, Castlevania is the primary home of the vampire Dracula, an immortal tyrant that 'lives' to sow darkness as discord. As if one immensely powerful dark lord wasn't enough, the ever shifting Castlevania plays host to all sorts of nightmarish creatures from fish-men to flesh golems, from the floating heads of gorgons to the embodiment of Death himself. If you visit, bring a whip, it's that kind of place.

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