Stephanie Brown Batgirl Returns to DC in LIL GOTHAM Specials


You may remember the cutesy, fun take on Batman and his friends and foes from a special issue a while back, by creators Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs. Now, Lil' Gotham is becoming a digital-first series celebrating holidays of every month, announced DC on The Source.

“This has been a passion project of mine for some time now, and for anyone that’s followed my work, I’m sure it’s more of an ‘its about time!’ explained Dustin Nguyen to The Source. “The look and style is a slight departure from my usual (think the exact opposite of serious), but the idea has always been the same—to take our favorite existing Gotham characters, place them in fun scenarios without having to be tied to just one continuity or look and feel. It’s basically a Batman book for fans, by two huge fans.”

Fridolfs agreed, saying they're "having a bit of whimsical fun with a whole city of characters beloved by fans and especially ourselves. Li’l size...big enjoyment.”

The first issue debuts on October 31, 2012 with, naturally, a Halloween theme. There's no telling if the cover definitively shows how characters in the digital comic will appear, but it does feature Nightwing in blue, Barbara Gordon as Oracle, and Stephanie Brown as Batgirl in the image, not to mention Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake in his old Robin costume. So people jonesing for a pre-New 52 Bat-family fix can look to Lil' Gotham for an adorable rescue.

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