Bendis Talks Marvel NOW!, This Week's AVENGERS Return on TV

***This article contains spoilers for this week's Avengers #32.***

Brian Michael Bendis appeared on G4's Attack of the Show Thursday evening, discussing Marvel NOW! and the character who returned from presumed death in this week's Avengers #32.

The Wasp, part of the original Avengers lineup, had been thought dead since the end of the Bendis-written Secret Invasion, but was discovered to be alive in the latest Avengers issue, one of Bendis's last on the title.

"Wasp, who has been dead for many years, is found safe and sound in the Microverse," Bendis said.

Though the indication at this point is that Wasp is making a permanent return, it appears that she's not in the plans for Jonathan Hickman's impending Avengers run — the writer answered with a firm "no" when asked on Formspring if she'll be on the team. Yet that doesn't preclude the possibility of Wasp playing a role elsewhere in the Marvel NOW! era, as Marvel senior vice president of publishing Tom Brevoort stated on the same Q&A site.

The majority of the appearance was dedicated to promoting Marvel NOW!, with Bendis explaining the concept for his All-New X-Men book, and starting that the debuting series he's "most charmed by" is Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley's Fantastic Four, which also debuts in November.

""Matt Fraction has been living the life of Reed Richards now for years," Bendis told Attack of the Show's Blair Butler. "He has a powerful young son, and a brilliant little girl, and an amazing, intelligent wife, and they've been on adventures together. For him to write the cosmic Marvel version of that in the Fantastic Four is just the perfect writer for the perfect book."

The video of Bendis's full Attack of the Show (announced on Friday to be ending at the end of the year, along with fellow G4 show X-Play) appearance is here:

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