Marvel NOW! AVENGERS Excerpt: 'We Have to Get Bigger'


Update 4, 10/26/12
: The fifth and final script excerpt/panel peek of the week is courtesy IGN, and appears to provide some insight into as to why Jonathan Hickman's planned Marvel NOW! Avengers lineup is larger than in the past (said to be around 24 members when all is said is done). For those keeping track, the filename states that this is Page 17, Panel 5 from December's Avengers #1.

Ultimately, like the rest of the Avengers previews from this week, this may raise more questions than it answers — like, who is pictured and speaking — but with five panels and five script excerpts at this point, surely there's at least some degree of conclusions that can be raised.

Here's the excerpt, accompanied by Jerome Opeña art:

Panel 5 - He's unhooked himself from all the machines and such and walked to another part of the building.

He stands in front of Tony's screen showing the [redacted] data that we showed at the start of the book.


We have to get bigger.

Update 3, 10/25/12: The fourth script excerpt comes from This one turns the focus back on a hero instead of the villains that have occupied the last couple, though.


You see, Marvel has a problem: Marvel's The Avengers made one of their characters cooler than he'd been in awhile. With a brilliant but also charismatic, a kind and cautious but also dangerous and daring Bruce Banner, suddenly people want more, not just of the green goliath that goes SMASH, but also of that troubled genius.

It looks like Hickman and Opeña plan to address that 900 pound green rage monster in the room in the very first issue. As Banner stands, darkly shaded, removing his glasses at the edge of the loading bay of a quinjet, you just know that his secret is that he's just "always angry," don't you?

Panel 2 - Bruce Banner -- still heavily shadowed, and closest to the ramp -- looks back at us. His eyes have turned bright green.


I think we're done talking.


Update 2, 10/24/12: And here comes number three, thanks to iFanboy.This one doesn't reveal much about The Garden, the new set of villains, aside from another name, Aleph. It is interesting that Aleph is the first letter of the alphabet in Hebrew, Arabic, and later derived from in Greek, Latin, and the current "A" in most romanized alphabets, corresponding to Ex Nihilo's Omega, the final letter of the Greek alphabet, across his chest. Ex Nihilo, meanwhile, means "out of nothing," and is interestingly usually associated with creation, not with the end of all things, as Omega would suggest.

Page 6:

Panel 4 – Aleph looks over at Ex and repeats himself. Ex Nihilo puts his hand on Aleph’s shoulder, friendly — and with his other hand makes that Italian gesture, “We did soooo much drinking/stealing/whatever.”


World Razing, Ex Nihilo.


Ah, you miss the point, Aleph. Where’s your sense of romance?


Update 1, 10/23/12: The second script excerpt comes from our friends at CBR without a new image, but does have a nice reveal within it. We noticed in the Marvel January 2013 Solicitations (check out entry #7) that there were strange quotes attached to the various Avengers and New Avengers solicitations.

New Avengers #2: "It breaks hope -- it crushes what makes us decent and steals what little honor remains." --Black Swan

Avengers #3: "If you want LIFE and all the good things living entails, then you'll have to earn it." --Ex Nihilo

Avengers #4: "We'll have to field test our theories here. NOW." --Dr. Deeds


Black Swan was the only recognizable name, typically a Deadpool villain who may be stepping up into the major leagues here (or perhaps merely someone with the same name but a new character), and we speculated the other two may also be members of a group mentioned in the solicits, "The Garden." Well, the script reveals that to be true, with Ex Nihilo making an appearance here. The garden members are indicated as "alien" as well.

He also has the "black omega symbol on his chest" that appears on all covers of New Avengers (pictured at the right), indicating these two books may be even more tied together than was first teased. While no new image was provided, we found what we're pretty sure is our first look at Ex Nihilo, based on the description, here in the first look provided early in September, and seen on your left.

Update: Now CBR has included another image of Ex Nihilo, confirming we were right in our detective work. Here he is, along with the script excerpt!


Panel 2 - EX NIHILO looks up, watching it fly away...he gestures with his hand 'SHOO' (Jerome, in my mind Ex Nihilo looks like a glowing God with only a black omega symbol on his chest where the legs/serifs at the bottom of the omega wrapping around his body -- he should have [redacted] eyes, [large redacted section] -- [redactied] -- until page [X].

NOTE: All of the garden members are alien... NOT HUMAN.


Look at it streaking across the sky.

I wonder if this is how God felt at the moment creation.


Go. BE.

Original Story: After Marvel's unique teasers featuring artwork and corresponding script exceprts for All-New X-Men, the new Marvel NOW! book from Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen, the publisher is launching a similar set for Avengers starting right here with Newsarama.

The Marvel NOW! Avengers will be written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Jerome Opeña. The twice-monthly shipping title will serve alongside New Avengers, also by Hickman, and Uncanny Avengers written by Rick Remender, to frame the Marvel Universe post-Avengers vs. X-Men.


Starting off the teasers, we have a scene featuring one Tony Stark, who post AvX is a member of both main Avengers teams, plus Guardians of the Galaxy.

Panel 3 - Tony, looking over at Steve -- at his BROTHER.


I remember everything about that day.


We started something that mattered. Because of you, the world changed.


I changed.

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