Marvel Next Big Thing: After Xavier: X-MEN LEGACY NOW!


Marvel's Next Big Thing calls have returned for the new Marvel NOW! era. With Uncanny Avengers and Marvel NOW! Point One officially kicking things off, near weekly relaunches will be coming for the next several months. One of the more under-the-radar of the books, however, is X-Men Legacy. The series takes a drastic turn with Marvel NOW! changing the lead character from Rogue to a much more literal legacy: Professor Xavier's son David "Legion" Haller.

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David has had a troubled life. Plagued by severe multiple personalities (and a different mutant power to go with each one), he was raised largely in containment, and with more attention from Moira McTaggert than Charles Xavier. Still, being his father's son, he tried to make a new world where Xavier's dream could come true - and instead accidentally created a horrific world ruled by Apocalypse and other villains. Now with his mind slightly more intact than it has been before, Haller has to live his father's Legacy without any guidance from the founder of the X-Men. After Xavier was tragically killed by his surrogate son Cyclops, any hope Legion had of parental guidance is gone.

To find out more, we turn to Simon Spurrier, the writer of the Marvel NOW! X-Men Legacy series and editor Daniel Ketchum in this conference call to discover what legacy means to the man of a thousand lifetimes.

And check out our video interview with Spurrier here:

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