NYCC 2012: ROBOT CHICKEN Gets 7th Season, More

From left to right:
Writer/actor Dan Milano (in Star Trek uniform)
Writer/actor Kevin Shinick
Macaulay Culkin
Michael Dougherty (X2)
Executive producer, Seth Green
Claire Grant actress From left to right:

Writer/actor Dan Milano

Writer/actor Kevin Shinick

Macaulay Culkin

Michael Dougherty (X2)

Executive producer, Seth Green

Actress Claire Grant

When the minds (and voices) behind Robot Chicken landed at NYCC last night, three rather exciting things happened: they showed a crowd-pleasing preview of the upcoming season, announced that the show has been picked up for a seventh season, and then answered a series of questions about their sexual preferences and fantasies.

In short, it was a party. Green treated the audience like friends and comrades even as they lined up to ask questions about who his ideal celebrity threesome would be. The answer? Jean Grey and Black Cat. Later in the panel, two young women dressed as those very same characters even went up to the stage to take a pic with the smitten Green, whose wife, Clare Grant, didn’t seem to mind.

Joining them on stage were Chicken writer/actors Dan Milano and Kevin Shinick, X2 and Trick ‘r Treat scribe Michael Dougherty, and finally, a gum-chewing, sunglasses-clad Macaulay Culkin.

The aforementioned teaser trailer featured a number of memorable clips. In one, a whiny teenage Dora the Explorer complained about being asked to go out and fetch groceries. Famed mascot Mr. Peanut also got his “brains” blown out onto a slice of bread, while Pinky and the Brain did what they do every night…and it’s apparently far more debaucherous than trying to take over the world.

Green revealed that Brent Spiner would be reprising a role on the show. “Do you guys like Star Trek: TNG?” he teased the crowd. “Well, real early on in that series, Data has sex with Tasha Yar, which means at some point Dr. Soong was like ‘that robot needs a d**k, and one that works,’ so the idea came up for Dr. Soong to do a rap about putting a d**k on Data.”

There will also be appearances by Ke$ha, playing “a sentient killer”, RZA as “a really passionate Episcopalian” and a duet between “50 Cent and PaRappa the Rapper.” The crowd especially loved hearing that Robot Chicken would feature a Zombie Joss Whedon, voiced by the man himself.

Those craving some Chicken merchandise are in for a bit of a wait. “We’re really trying to figure it out,” Green told his fans, “because there’s only so much we could make. We wanted to do just a little plushie Bitch Pudding, and it was supposed to be ready for this Con…” he said as a collective sigh was heard. “We’re still hell-bent on making that product,” he offered as consolation. In spite of their popularity, the Apocalypse Ponies also aren’t on their way to store shelves. “I can only say that they’re not wrong for the reasons you think they’re wrong. We’ve had some really good conversations,” he offered cryptically. “They’re not ‘wrong’. I can only say that we’re sorry.”


For the sake of brevity, we’ll now recap the properties Green says are not yet slated to appear or reappear on the show: Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Quantum Leap and Conan O’Brien as The Flaming C. And on the off chance you were waiting with bated breath for it, no, there is no Children of the Popcorn film on the way. Green did hint, however, that another DC Comics-themed episode is being discussed.

Star Wars Detours was brought up, prompting Green to say “so far everyone likes Star Wars, so every time there’s something new it’s easy for people to get excited,” when asked about the current buzz on the comedy-slated series slated for 2013. Dan Milano added, “it’s not for five year olds. We’re just opening it up in a Simpsons/Looney Tunes kind of way. And it’s definitely not canon.” As if to show his support, one fan made a point of giving Green a vintage Millennium Falcon ship, which the producer proudly flew over to his seat.

The new intro sequence for Chicken was discussed with Green warning: “I can’t promise that we won’t change it for the next season.” Though the audience reacted positively to the new intro, Green admitted, “we’re starting to have trouble with the mythology of the chicken and the scientist.”

At the request of a fan, the group took a sexy group picture, which will no doubt be all over the web shortly. And all too quickly it was over, with Green & Friends wishing the packed room a happy con. To tide you over until their next public appearance, here’s a list of their favorite fictional creatures.

Seth Green – MechaGodzilla

Kevin Shinick - The Bumble

Claire Grant - Falcor

Dan Milano – the beholder from Dungeons & Dragons

Michael Dougherty – “the midget from poltergeist”, aka Zelda Rubinstein

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