NYCC 2012: Tony Daniel's Art Gets Super in ACTION COMICS

As DC announced this week, Tony Daniel will follow-up his work on Justice League with a run on Action Comics with writer Andy Diggle in spring 2013.


"My ambition is to bring as much enthusiasm to Superman's quiet side as Clark Kent as I hope to bring to the action side of things when he's Superman," Daniel told Newsarama of the new comic. "I've always enjoyed Andy's stories, and I think he's got the kind of big ideas a book like Action Comics needs. I'm looking forward to our run."

Currently, Daniel is concentrating on drawing Justice League, which he's working on with DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns beginning with next week's issue #13. So although he hasn't had a chance to start on Action Comics, he's getting the chance to practice drawing the Man of Steel.

"Justice League is allowing me to get a little used to drawing [Superman] before I start Action, so I'm grateful to that," he said. "I have definite goals for the look and feel of Superman and his cast of characters and Metropolis."

After five years spent drawing Batman Comics — and more than three years writing them too — Daniel has decided to not only leave Gotham City, but also back away from writing to concentrate on his art.

Last year, Daniel was among the creators tasked with the daunting job of relaunching formerly high-numbered comics as part of DC's New 52 initiative. Writing and drawing Detective Comics #1, he not only helped debut Bruce Wayne as Batman after the character's long absence from Gotham City, he also wrote what was arguably the most shocking and talked-about final page in any of DC's new #1 issues.

But a year of both writing and drawing Detective, along with a short stint writing Hawkman, started to get in the way of his goals for his artwork.


"Doing the writing and the art for so long caught up to me and juggling both chores became more and more of a grind," Daniel told Newsarama. "I think that the deadlines creeped in and I found it harder and harder to do the kind of work I'm capable of and retain any semblance of sanity.

"Also, I feel like I'm in my peak years as an artist and want to take advantage of everything I've learned over the years," he added. "It became evident to me that I needed to put more time into the art in order to really accomplish the kind of visuals that I want to."

Between the challenges offered by Justice League and Action Comics, Daniel is hoping to stretch himself as an artist after so many years drawing the characters of Gotham.

"It's very refreshing to draw all the sorts of different things I'm drawing in Justice League, because it's so different from Batman's world," Daniel said. "Action will be the same, allowing me to tackle things I never did while working in Gotham City for the last several years. I'm really looking forward to those kinds of challenges that most definitely will get the best out of me. I'm really excited about all the opportunities that lie ahead!"

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