Wolverine Returns to His Weapon X Roots with SEASON ONE

If you're a fan of Marvel's "Season One" line of new reader-friendly graphic novels, New York Comic Con has already been a good show for you. The company announced three new books in the program Thursday at the retailer breakfast — individually starring Iron Man, Thor and Wolverine — with Wolverine: Season One written by comic book newcomers Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, and illustrated by Salva Espin. Acker and Blacker write for the CW series Supernatural and created the live stage show/podcast The Thrilling Adventure Hour (set to become a comic book anthology) and Newsarama talked to both writers about the book, scheduled out in June 2013 — a month before The Wolverine hits theaters.


Newsarama: Hello Bens! Newsarama readers may very well know you from Supernatural and/or Thrilling Adventure Hour, but they do not know you as comic book writers. So: How long has this been an ambition for the two of you? (Very likely not the same exact amount of time, so individual answers are encouraged.)

Ben Acker: We've been reading comics our whole lives.

Ben Blacker: He asked for Individual answers.

Acker: Right. I've been reading comics my whole life.

Blacker: Me too.

Acker: So I've wanted to write them for nearly that amount of time.

Blacker: Me too.

Acker: I wrote one in high school, with my pal Dan.

Blacker: I didn't know Dan until later.


Nrama: So what led to you Wolverine: Season One, and what made it the right project?

Blacker: Are you kidding? Wolverine's the coolest.

Acker: Who doesn't want to write for Wolverine?

Blacker: It's the right project for us because no matter what we're writing — Supernatural, Thrilling Adventure, whatever, character comes first. And Wolverine is a great character.

Acker: Especially this Wolverine. This is the Wolverine we grew up reading.

Blacker: Individual answers.

Acker: Sorry. This is the Wolverine I grew up reading.

Blacker: Me too.


Nrama: On that note: Wolverine is obviously a character that's been a lot of different things in his many (many) comic book appearances, so for a new reader-friendly graphic novel like a Season One, what character traits are you looking to really dig into and explore?

Acker: This Wolverine is tormented by the beast inside him. He's trying to be a man but isn't in control of his inner animal.

Blacker: Also, he is tormented by what he can remember of the Weapon X program. He's hasn't got a lot of memory, but when he goes poking at it, he doesn't like what he finds.

Acker: Also our Wolverine has a crush on somebody. That's fun.


Nrama: Salva Espin is the artist on the book. The book is still many months away from publication so you may not be all that into the collaborative process, but what do you see that makes him particularly suited for the project?

Blacker: We see the art as he does it. We're in the midst of the collaborative process. It's probably happening right now.  

Acker: He is particularly well-suited to the project in that he is just nailing the characters, the action, all of it. We're new to writing comics, but he is making us look really good at it.

Blacker: I may have a crush on the same character Wolverine does, because Salva draws her so well.


Nrama: Wolverine has also been interpreted in a variety of media by numerous creative voices. Are any particularly influential for the way the book is shaping up?

Acker: Well, we went back to the original. Our pal Len Wein wrote Wolverine's early appearances.

Blacker: I love what Millar did with the Ultimate X-Men and what Jason Aaron's doing now.

Acker: But as to how we're writing the book, it's probably the Claremont that we read when we were young that inform us. Sorry — "it informs me."

Blacker: Me too. 

Nrama: What's the scope of this book? It sounds like Wolverine's early superheroing days, yes, but does it touch on the Weapon X program or even the way-back "Origin" days at all?

Blacker: We start in the aftermath of Weapon X.

Acker: And we end with Wolverine joining the X Men. 

Blacker: He fights the Wendigo and the Hulk. Are we allowed to say that?

Acker: Maybe. 


Nrama: It looks like Sabretooth, aptly, plays a big role in the story — what can you share about your take on him? And what other familiar characters might readers expect to see?

Acker: A character as tough and cool as Wolverine has to have the toughest coolest villains. So that's our approach to Sabretooth. A guy at least as tough and cool as Wolverine is the only credible threat.

Blacker: Wolverine struggles with the animal within him. Sabretooth doesn't.

Acker: Other familiar characters include Hulk and Wendigo as we mentioned, as well as some early Alpha Flight-ers. James and Heather Hudson. 

Blacker: Two of Canada's finest superheroes.

Acker: So approximately one-fifth of Canada's total superheroes.

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