SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN Hits Marvel NOW! With New Suit, Attitude


That old NYCC battle is so on, and Spidey isn't letting Supes be the only fashion show with new duds and a big announcement. Dan Slott, along with artists Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli, is launching Superior Spider-Man in January 2013, and Spidey's new look is just the beginning.

The original "Superior" teaser was the most enigmatic of Marvel's one-word clues to the future of their Marvel NOW! relaunch. Last week, the word added a few more: Slott, Stegman, Ramos, Camuncoli. All four, the writer and three artists, are closely associated with one Peter Parker, Spider-Man. With Amazing Spider-Man coming to an end with Decemeber's 700th issue, the creative team being attached to "Superior" in January 2013 certainly made us think Spider-Man. But what did "Superior" actually mean?

Well, we were right about Spidey, and he's definitely going to be superior. Revealed today by Marvel on USA Today's comics page, Spider-Man has a new series, new abilities, and like his pal over at that other publisher, a new suit to boot. And he'll be darker, with "friendly neighborhood" out the door, says USA Today.

"The first story arc is called 'Hero or menace?' I think that pretty much tells you where we're going," Slott told the publication. "He's not going to be doing things the old Spider-Man way. There will be a new way of doing things."

The writer teased that something very bad will be happening to Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man #700, and it will culminate in him being more ruthless in order to be more effective.

"All I know is I'm going into my reinforced bunker when 700 comes out," said Slott, despite fellow Spidey-writer, Avenging Spider-Man scribe Chris Yost, having a very good reaction to the issue when he read the script early.


While most of the Marvel NOW! titles will feature a new creative team, Superior Spider-Man holds onto Slott, and at his discretion. But Slott assures readers that doesn't mean they'll see nothing new from him, even joking, "You're getting a new writer on this book, and his name also happens to be Dan Slott and he is very messed up. I hear this guy wrote Arkham Asylum and Great Lakes Avengers."

Along with the new look and Spidey's new attitude, a new Sinister Six with "at least one new member" will appear early on in the book. Ryan Stegman will draw the first arc, with Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli coming in rotating arcs.

"I remember having Spider-Man covers I would tear off and put on the wall," Stegman told USA Today of his love for the character. "I hope that first-issue cover can be that for some kids out there."

The sketch of Spidey's slightly altered costume may also have revealed one of his new abilities. There's a "retractable claw" marked on his toe. While the writer wasn't quoted as directly hinting this might not be Peter Parker, it was teased that a replacement isn't out of the question.

Stay tuned for more Superior Spider-Man details, and hints at the big finish to Amazing Spider-Man, this weekend from New York Comic Con.

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