Ethan Van Sciver is joining Batman: The Dark Knight as the new ongoing artist starting with January's issue number 16, DC Comics announced today via CBR. Gregg Hurwitz will stay on as writer as artist David Finch moves on to Justice League America.

The artist said he's excited to get back into monthly comics, and draw a bit faster, more akin to his days with Impulse than his work in recent years. He says drawing for Hurwitz is "very, very challenging," but praises the writer's dense stories. As for Batman himself, Van Sciver says it's just the right fit now, getting to focus on urban decay and insane villains.


"It's really the book that I've wanted for a long time and was kind of afraid to ask for. Because everybody wants to draw Batman."

If the first image is any indication, it looks like he'll be working on Mad Hatter to kick things off, continuing the revival/reimagining of villains that Hurwitz is currently approaching with Scarecrow.

Meanwhile, Batman #13 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, hits stores today, and if our own 10 out of 10 review of the Joker's revival/reimagining wasn't enough to whet your appetite, DC revealed this image from inside the pages today. The image shows, finally, a fully front-facing shot of The Joker's new look as reimagined by the team, with his skinned-off face held on by belts and clamps. Try not to have nightmares.

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