JOE QUESADA Visits Jimmy Kimmel for MARVEL NOW! Surprise

Update: And here's the full clip for you! Enjoy:

Original Story: Though unannounced at the start of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, did in fact appear on the program Tuesday night. During the monologue, Jimmy said "Any comic book fans here? Marvel Comics has a big launch tomorrow called Marvel NOW!, starting tomorrow with Uncanny Avengers, it combines the Avengers and X-Men, you can get it at comic shops and on the Marvel Comics App."

Kimmel then said he wanted to pitch his own characters to Marvel, and he thought this was the perfect time.

He went into the office of Joe Quesada. "Comic books huh? Are these free?"

Quesada outlined the Marvel NOW! idea, with relaunching "Captain America, X-Men, Spider-Man, Wolverine. If you're a lapsed comic book fan this is the perfect time to come in and see some new ideas."

Jimmy then broke out his portfolio from when he was six years old, first showing off a picture of Spider-Man, Iron Man (with a lunch box), and Dr. Strange. Then he showed off his own characters, the "Terrific Ten." The characters included Muscle Man, Color Kid (who has all the powers of the rainbow). Quesada said, "And that's useful how?"

Lucky Lad and Superduck were a couple others. They have a team of villains they fight called the Terrible Ten. They included Bleachmaster, a box of bleach with an axe, and a "flamboyant bird." Kimmel then showed off his comic he drew when he was 11 featuring the two teams of ten fighting.

Qusada said, "I think the stuff you're showing here, the 11 year old Jimmy stuff is pretty spectacular, but it's not quite Avengers level." and Kimmel said, "It's above?" Quesada then took the opportunity to sketch up his version of a coupld of Jimmy's characters.

"Marvel NOW!, you know?" Jimmy finished up.

This is one of the first significant uses of the larger Disney corporation in favor of Marvel Comics. Disney owns both ABC and Marvel, and has tried a few other crossovers between the two. Marvel Comics appeared on Castle, and the crime drama also crossed over, becoming a Marvel Comic of its own first in graphic novel form, and soon in a mini-series. Marvel previously told retailers they'd be promoting Marvel NOW! via television, and this is the make good on that.

DC Animation previously did a similar crossover with Conan, which shoots on the Warner Studios lot that the animation studio is located on, with Bruce Timm helping Conan's character come to life, even eventually animating the character into a custom-made clip of Young Justice.

We expect the full clip to be online tomorrow, and we'll update right here when it is.

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