AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Post-Game: Finale Edition

***This article contains spoilers for Avengers vs. X-Men #12, AvX: VS #6 and Uncanny X-Men #19.***


Avengers vs. X-Men
is over, and now, more than six months after our first AvX Post Game Report, we're ready to put a bow on the 12-plus event with our final installment. So here goes.


Marvel senior vice president of publishing and Avengers vs. X-Men main series editor Tom Brevoort fielded a question from us in the very first AvX Post Game, so it only seems appropriate that we turn to him again for the last, as we ask how much remains of the extreme makeover the Phoenix Five gave Earth.

Newsarama: Hope is seen in issue #12 literally putting out fires that the Phoenix Five created. So is their remaking of the world pretty much all reversed at this point?

Tom Brevoort: I don't know if it's 100 percent. To some degree, it's really going to depend on the stories that get told over the next couple of months, especially in the X-books. I wouldn't be surprised if one series or another went back and revisited these areas where the Phoenix Five attempted to bring about global and societal change, and without them there to maintain it, we see what the fallout of that is, and what the end result of that is. It's certainly not a case where fingers were snapped and everything just kind of went back to the way it was.

That having been said, without five demigods there keeping the trains running, how long are those trains going to run?



Avengers vs. X-Men #12
: The story really stopped being "Avengers vs. X-Men" a while ago, and it's reflected in the climax by Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert, as it's Avengers and X-Men versus the Dark Phoenix-ed Cyclops. For a while, it looks pretty bad — a two-page spread shows Scott simultaneously taking on Hulk, Red Hulk, Iceman, Storm, Havok, Thor, Iron Man, Thing and more with ease — but he's eventually foiled, thanks to new pals Scarlet Witch and Hope, intervention from the new Nova (last seen way back in the beginning of this story) and his own guilty conscience. Bringing the last seven or so years of Marvel stories full circle, House of M's "no more mutants" proclamation becomes "no more Phoenix," which results in new mutants manifesting their powers (and presumably adding many potential characters to the Marvel NOW! X-books).


AvX: VS #6
: It's Scarlet Witch versus Hope in the main feature by Kieron Gillen and Jim Cheung (reuniting with Wanda post-Avengers: The Children's Crusade), in a time when they were less than pals (earlier in Avengers vs. X-Men #12). Then it's all fun and games in a jam sesh feature one or two-pagers by the likes of Brian Michael Bendis & Jim Mahfood, the Immonens and Dan Slott & Katie Cook (revealing the terrifying true origins of AvX). 



Uncanny X-Men #19
: The second-to-last issue ever (as of right now) for Uncanny X-Men sees Kieron Gillen and Dale Eaglesham present "The Passion of Scott Summers," which delves into Cyclops' complex inner-monologue and he transitions from all-powerful being to resigned-to-his-fate (but not entirely contrite) prisoner.

Worth noting:

- Scott's helmet thingy stopping his optic blasts gets way more complex from Uncanny X-Men #19 to Avengers vs. X-Men #12

- "Tell Logan I love the school's name."


Avengers vs. X-Men may be done, but the direct follow-up will be seen this week in Uncanny Avengers (preview here) and, as rather blatantly suggested by its title, AvX: Consequences (preview here).


Newsarama would like to thank everyone who read these reports for the past six months, and all of the writers, artists and editors who contributed along the way.

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