Is MS. MARVEL Being Cast for AVENGERS 2?

Sure, we suggested her over a year ago as another Avengers film star, but could Carol Danvers actually be making it to the big screen in Avengers 2?


That's the rumor coming from the UK's tabloid publication The Daily Mail, calling the role of Ms. Marvel the "most sought-after new female role in Hollywood."

The rumor mill even narrows casting down to just two actresses, Emily Blunt (pictured on the left above), who comes fresh off her first science fiction role in Looper, where she transformed herself into the kind of physically and mentally tough character she's need to play as Carol Danvers, and the lesser-known (especially to American audiences) Ruth Wilson, who starred alongside Thor's Idris Elba in Luther.

Carol Danvers was imbued with energy from the Alien race known as the Kree, changing her physiology and making her a super-strong, near invulnerable, flying, energy wielding superhero. Originally calling herself Ms. Marvel after the Kree hero Captain Marvel, she recently took the latter name for herself in the comics, seeking to become a better hero.

If Danvers joined the Avengers 2 roster, that would help address the balance of male to female characters that currently sees Black Widow alone amongst five male heroes.

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