STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS Film Clip Debuts on Conan

Star Trek: Into Darkness is coming next year, and director J.J. Abrams is already promoting the film despite it currently being in the editing stage of post-production. Appearing on Conan Thursday night, the director decided to bring the clip because the two of them are "friends" and he wanted to do it as a surprise.

The only problem is, Paramount wasn't as enthusiastic about the early share as Abrams was. The studio was so protective, in fact, that they limited his clip significantly... to just three frames. Most movies are in the 24 frames per second speed... so that gives you an idea of just how short this one is. In fact, you can already see the whole thing right there in the header image. But check out the video for context, as well as a hint about what it is we're seeing Spock doing here.

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