Marvel Teases AVENGERS Related 'Next Big Thing' Call


What do we know about the latest Marvel teaser?

Well, we know it's Avengers related, since that's the ever-present and famous Avengers "A" right there in the middle.

We know that it's giving an air of finality; after all, the Omega surrounding the A certainly doesn't make us think of beginnings. Odd, as this is a promotion for Marvel NOW!, which is all about beginnings, which we know from the logo in the corner. Thanks to the old reliable filename snooping, we know it's about Jonathan Hickman and "NBT" gives us a clue, as well.

We know that we'll know more on Friday October 5th, at 3:00 PM Eastern time, though we suspect it will be at EDT, not EST, since we're still currently observing Daylight Savings Time here in the Eastern time zone.

It's a safe bet that during a Marvel: Next Big Thing conference call, Marvel, along with Newsarama and our fellow intrepid journalists will be talking to the new architect of the Avengers line, Jonathan Hickman, about his plans. Will we hear more about the huge cast of Avengers? Will we finally get more details (see: any details) on New Avengers, like a confirmed cast, or a Illuminati-style focus like we speculated? Whatever the case, if you're any kind of Avengers fan, you should probably be right here at Newsarama tomorrow at 3pm.

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