Slott, Ramos Pegged to SUPERIOR Marvel NOW! Series


Update 2, Oct. 5: The "Superior" mystery got potentially a little less mysterious Friday with the arrival of a new teaser for the January-debuting series on USA Today, revealing the creative team to be Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Though this isn't definitive confirmation the widely held speculation that "Superior" is teasing a Spider-Man relaunch of some sort, the evidence seems to be piling up: Slott, Stegman, Ramos and Camuncoli have all worked on Amazing Spider-Man in the recent past to various degrees; Amazing is ending in December, leaving Marvel without a flagship Spidey title; and Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso has said in the past that one Marvel NOW! relaunch would keep its existing creative team, due to changes to the starring character being enough to merit a new series.

Either way, answers should be coming soon: When originally teased, the "Superior" announcement was said to be discussed on Thursday, Oct. 11, during a retailer breakfast at the start of New York Comic Con.

Of course, if Slott has his way, maybe it's a different fan-favorite character! Over on Twitter, the writer joked, "I'd like to thank @Marvel for their faith in @RyanStegman @humberto_ramos Giuseppe Camuncoli's & my new SUPERIOR SQUIRREL GIRL series! :-)"


Update 1, Oct. 4: Wait, there are more of these? Try not to look so shocked, folks. Today's teaser comes from our friends at CBR, and it's one that is eagerly anticipated.



The writer? Kieron Gillen. The artist? Jamie McKelvie. The pair has of course worked together on the critically acclaimed Phonogram series at Image Comics, and is now taking their act to an ongoing series at Marvel. The word? "Amateurs." Hopefully that's not a dig from Marvel publicity to the creators. We quite like them, personally, and don't know what Marvel has against them.

Now, the promo images we've seen for Gillen and McKelvie's series so far (on your left)have shown some of the young heroes (and anti-heroes like Loki) of the Marvel Universe together, though usually in various states of beating each other up. Still, it's a safe bet that some sort of Young Avengers title is what's coming from the pair in January 2013. We should find out more soon.


Original Story: has a new Marvel NOW! January 2013 teaser.

Frank Cho.


Three slashes through the logo.

Months of rumors of a new Frank Cho Wolverine series.

We think Holmes and Watson can sit this one out, folks. Pretty sure Vegas isn't even taking odds on this not being a Frank Cho Marvel NOW! Wolverine series.

(Whether or not "Savage" has anything to do with the "Savage Land," a venue Cho is familiar with following the Shanna the She-Devil miniseries he wrote and drew, is less certain.)

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