A Siegel House Auction Update: Week 2

A Siegel House Auction Update

The fund to save the house where Jerry Siegel created Superman officially reached and surpassed its $50,000 goal this morning. Bids from the second week of auctions of original art and cool stuff reached $18,996.

Combined with last week’s auction total of $34,459, the auction has now raised $53,455 to restore the roof and exterior of the Cleveland house. As of this writing, there were still two items left to go: original art from Andy Kubert and an offer by Judd Winick to appear with his character Barry Ween.

Any additional money raised from this point will go to work on the interior of the house and an account for future repairs. The Cleveland-based Siegel and Shuster Society and Brad Meltzer’s charity, OrdinaryPeopleChangetheWorld.com, came up with the idea to save the house which had fallen into disrepair.

The third week auction now underway includes work from Tim Sale, Geoff Darrow, Ron Garney, Joe Quesada, Frank Cho, Eric Powell, Richard Donner, Amanda Conner, Rags Morales, Alex Ross, J.H. Williams, Paul Dini, Matt Wagner, Felipe Masafera, David Lloyd, John Buscema, Tom Batiuk and Jim Mooney. Also up will be VIP tickets to the David Letterman and Stephen Colbert shows.

To view a complete list of the auction items, go to: http://www.ordinarypeoplechangethewo...y-auction.aspx

In the auction that just closed, the Curt Swan piece was clearly the winner with a $7,600 bid. Way to go Mark Waid for parting with this treasured piece of original art depicting the Legion of Super-Heroes in its prime.

The bargains of the week included J.H. Williams original art for the variant cover of Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3-D for $851 and Dave Johnson‘s sketch from Superman: Red Son, which sold for $510. Also, the very cool original Joe Staton piece of Superman and various Green Lanterns (including G’nort) and the Siegel house itself, for a mere $255.

Give yourselves a hand.


Gene Ha’s original piece, a “Golden Age” Superman from the cover of Action Comics #44 -- $1,814.

Jimmy Palmiotti, be a character in Painkiller Jane - $898.

Ed Brubaker, be the villain in the next Brubaker creator-owned series -$910.

J.H. Williams - Original art for the variant cover of Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3-D - $851.

Curt Swan - From Mark Waid's private art collection, the original Curt Swan penciled-and-inked cover to Legion of Super-Heroes Index #2 and features the entire 1960s Legion - $7,600.

Dave Johnson- Pin-up sketch of Superman from the Elseworld story, Red Son, showcasing, “the Champion of the common worker who fights a never-ending battle for Stalin, socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact” - $510

Danny Fingeroth - Autographed copies of Fingeroth’s books, Disguised as Clark Kent and Superman on the Couch - $91.

Ivan Reis - A three panel page of original art depicts Clark Kent transforming into the Man of Steel, used in the movie Superman Returns - $709.

Joe Staton - Another original piece of art for this auction. It shows Superman and various members of the Green Lantern Corps in space with the actual Siegel house floating nearby - $255.

Brad Meltzer - Winner names a character in the next Meltzer novel - $3,000.

Bill Morrison - Superman and Lois sketch by Simpsons artist -$362.

John Romita Jr. - Spider-Man and Hulk original artwork. - $1,275.

John Cassidy - Original pencil Superman sketch - $721.

Next week is the wrap up with some great stuff including a walk-on role on Heroes and an extremely rare, signed t-shirt by Jerry Siegel donated by his widow, Joanne Siegel.

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