Grant Morrison's MULTIVERSITY Coming to DC Late 2013




No, we're not messing with you. No, this isn't just another tease or promise or the word "soon" meaning 3 years from now. Multiversity, Grant Morrison's worlds-defining miniseries for DC Comics is actually coming, and it's now been narrowed down to "late 2013," as announced at the inaugural Morrisoncon and further detailed at The Hollywood Reporter. That's still not an exact month, but it's better than we've been hearing for the last couple of years.

Originally announced in the Spring of 2009, the book was then meant to follow-up on 52 and Infinite Crisis, the series that brought the concept of the Multiverse, parallel worlds where DC heroes and villains get different twists, back into being after 25 years in hibernation. Now, the series will further define what the multiverse means to the New 52, DC's relaunched universe.



will feature stories by Grant Morrison and a rotating cast of A-list artists; those familiar with Morrison's work in the past can probably guess at least a few of them pretty easily. The first issue will feature art by frequent collaborator Frank Quitely in a story called "Pax Americana." Each issue will be a stand alone story featuring a single parallel world for the first six, with a two-part wrap-up filling out the series with issues 7 and 8. However, every issue will be 38 pages in the lead and include 8-page backups, so expect a lot of story crammed in.



As for "Pax Americana #1," readers who have been clamoring for the return of a few characters will be very happy. The story centers on a new parallel Earth that features the original Charlton heroes, including Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, and the classic non-supernatural Question, and a very Dr. Manhattan-esque Captain Atom, as revealed in the Quitely artwork. No additional worlds have been announced yet, but artists and worlds alike should get plenty of hype before its release in about a year.

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