CAMPBELL Covers Marvel NOW, New CONSEQUENCES Cover Debuts

All-New X-Men and

Uncanny Avengers


Marvel is making no bones of the fact their Marvel NOW! push comes with a ton of variant covers. Here's a look at a new entry into the growing mix - artist J. Scott Campbell's connecting variant covers to All-New X-Men, Uncanny Avengers and Avengers #1.

all three covers connected

The covers are exclusive to Midtown Comics and the retailer has also given Newsarama the exclusive first full-size look at all three inked covers connected.

Click on the thumb to you left for a look at the full image, or click right here for it in super-duper size.


And courtesy of Marvel, here's a first look at a variant cover to next month's AvX: Consequences #3, featuring a Colossus who's either 'Hulking' out, or is trying to revive the early 80's ripped look. Oh, and like the Cable and X-Force #1 cover, there seems to be no sign of the Juggernaut helmet.

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