Lobdell on SUPERMAN #0 Reviews, Spoilers in Video Podcast

Scott Lobdell continues to increase his internet presence. After some public trouble with twitter, the DC Comics writer left social media altogether for a time, but since has rejoined and interacts with fans - both positive and negative - on a regular basis.

Today, Lobdell joined the ranks of Youtube video podcasters. Sitting alone at a desk with nought but a laptop (complete with Superman sticker) and a microphone, the writer talks about Superman #0, his first issue on the title. After acknowledging and thanking some positive reviews, he talks about his new take on Lara, Kal'el's mother, the big spoilery surprise cameo at the end of the issue, and why it's so great working with artist Ken Rocafort.

Check out the full video below, and tell Scott if you'd like to see more on his twitter account.

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