Characters Missing From MARVEL NOW! Found?

As was ending and the dawn of Marvel NOW! was approaching, the fate of several characters in the revamped Marvel Universe was unclear.

Now several months into the initiative, most characters have a well-defined role, from the biggest of names to more obscure figures like Professor Xavier's son Legion, now at the center of . Yet some appear to be still at least temporarily lost in the shuffle, or resting on the shelf — though with more Marvel NOW! launches left to go, that could easily change in the new year.

So here's an update on some Marvel heroes lost but now found, and a few still waiting for a home.


Wasp: In his last story arc, Brian Michael Bendis revealed that Janet Van Dyne actually survived the events of . Yet it wasn't immediately clear where the long-running character would end up, since she didn't appear to have a role in any upcoming books. That changes as of February's , where Wasp will join the team along with Wonder Man (also a focus of Bendis's final issues) and Sunfire.


War Machine: James Rhodes had a very active role in the final arcs of but hasn't yet figured into the relaunched series. But a new Iron Patriot is part of Nick Spencer and Luke Ross' , debuting in February, and while Spencer wouldn't confirm that the Iron Patriot is James Rhodes, with the movie version of the character wearing an armor resembling the Iron Patriot get-up in , and Rhodey's history with the and Spencer's history with Rhodey (as the former writer of ), the character has to be the odds-on favorite at this point.


Vision: The frequent Avengers fixture returned in his classic form following 2011's Fear Itself, but Hickman has stated that he doesn't currently have plans for the character in . Vision is starring in January's by Christos Gage and Tomm Coker — with the solicitation promising "a major turning point in the life of the android Avenger" — but he hasn't yet been announced as a full-time cast member of a series.


The New Mutants: Sunspot and Cannonball are both part of Hickman's title, and Dani Moonstar is set to join with March's issue #2. Magma, X-Man, Blink, Cypher and Warlock remain mostly unaccounted for but with plenty of X-books to go around, they'll likely pop up again before long.


Luke Cage and Jessica Jones: Luke Cage and Jessica Jones (plus their daughter Danielle and their nanny Squirrel Girl) walked off into the sunset in , the last page of the last Bendis-written issue of the series. But that happy ending also included the revelation that Luke Cage was planning on bringing back Heroes for Hire — something that Bendis subsequently teased even further on <a href=>Twitter</a>, writing, "is my last page hinting at a new book by me and @mikedeodato??"


Iron Fist: Danny Rand hasn't been seen much since the end of and , but if Luke Cage is indeed bringing back Heroes for Hire, it's a good bet he'll get a call.


Hope: Marvel kept it very ambiguous as to whether or not Hope would make it out of alive — but she did, and reunited with her father in Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca's . (Though the  cover to March's #5, seen to the right, certainly suggests some familial tension.)

Speed: is returning in January, but many folks wondered why Wiccan's brother Speed isn't part of the cast. "His absence is explicitly explained in the first issue," <a href=>Gillen told us in October</a>. "While he's never going to be a core cast member (at least, for the first year of the book) there are some things I'd like to do with him." The writer tentatively plans to feature the character in issue #6 of the series.


Mockingbird: Formerly in the cast, Bobbi Morse is now part of the new — working alongside her ex-husband, Hawkeye.

Amadeus Cho: The teenage genius kept a low profile for much of 2012, but was announced by Frank Cho (no relation) as a surprise addition to the cast.

Peter Parker: Oh, yeah — about that. (Amazing Spider-Man #700 spoilers in link.)

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