Moore Files Lawsuit Against Kirkman

The original Walking Dead creative team of Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore have resolved their ongoing legal dispute.

The following joint statement, made on behalf of former frequent collaborators Kirkman and Moore, was sent to Newsarama on behalf of Kirkman:

"Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore are pleased to jointly announce that they have reached an amicable agreement in their respective lawsuits and all parties have settled the entire matter to everyone's mutual satisfaction. Neither side will be discussing any details but will instead happily and productively spend their time focused on their own work and move on in their lives."

Moore initially filed suit against Kirkman in Los Angeles Superior Court in February of this year over compensation related to The Walking Dead — which, along with a successful Image comic series, has inspired a hit TV series on AMC, a video game and more — and other projects the two worked on together in the past. Kirkman subsequently filed a countersuit, claiming he "overpaid" Moore for his work. In August, Moore filed a claim in United States District Court seeking joint authorship of The Walking Dead plus Brit, Battle Pope and the unpublished Dead Planet and My Name is Abraham.

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