[SPOILERS] Ultimate Captain America's 'Decision' Revealed

***This article contains spoilers for Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15 and #16, out Sept. 19 and Sept. 26, respectively.***


For months, Marvel has promoted that the Ultimate Universe of Captain America would be making a major decision in the fall, and following a Washington Post article, it's now public: He's accepted the office of President of the United States.

The story, starting in this week's Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15 and continuing seven days later in #16, sees Captain America winning a write-in election in the midst of the "Divided We Fall" storyline, which has seen the America of the Ultimate Universe mired in chaos and ruptured across several lines.

"We wanted to dramatize an extreme version of what we see in America today," Ultimates writer Sam Humphries told the Washington Post. "In the face of all [this] divisiveness, what do we have in common? What does it mean to be an American? What can we agree on? And what makes America the place that it is?"


The rise of Captain America the president doesn't mean the end of Captain America the superhero, Humphries explained.

"Captain America is not going to behave like any other president behaves," he said. "He takes the oath of office and barely takes a breath as he goes to hot spots. . . . Cap is out there because he's so concerned about the state of the Union that he doesn't have time to think about the State of the Union."

Though the story is falling on an election year, Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso is quoted as saying that it's not a partisan move on Marvel's part — though it does make a statement about the office of the presidency.

"There are essential truths about leadership and dignity, and we certainly have an opinion on that," Alonso said in the article. "Cap's ultimate statement about the presidency is elegant. . . . What America wants and what America needs may not be the same thing."

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