Week of MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE Teasers Ends with Vague Images


Update 2, 9/21
: The final Marvel NOW! Point One teaser is here, courtesy of MTV Geek, and like the one released earlier on Friday, it's definitely open to interpretation.

What's definite is the creative team: Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven, who have worked together previously on . It's been considered a given that Marvel will launch a new Guardians of the Galaxy series sooner rather than later, since that property is getting a live-action Marvel Studios film as of 2014. Guardians member Star-Lord is on the cover of Marvel NOW! Point One, and Bendis has been writing the team in , so there are some dots that can be reasonably connected.

Questions will be revealed at least by Oct. 17, the release date of the Marvel NOW! Point One one-shot.



Update, 9/21
: Though not immediately obvious, it seems like a safe bet that the latest Marvel NOW! Point One teaser image, revealed over at IGN on Friday, is related to the December-debuting Cable and X-Force ongoing series.

There's the creative team listed: Writer Dennis Hopeless, also of Cable and X-Force, and artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta, in place of originally solicited artist Salvador Larroca, the series artist of Cable and X-Force. Then there's the fact that Cable is on the Marvel NOW! Point One cover. Exactly what the image is depicting isn't exactly clear, though, especially compared to the more straightforward teasers from earlier this week.

Look for one more Marvel NOW! Point One teaser to likely surface before the week is up, and check out a Skottie Young variant cover just to the left.


Update, 9/20: Often, the simplest explanation is the correct one. Occam's comic book razor applies to the fourth Marvel NOW! Point One teaser, first seen Thursday at iFanboy, which establishes that Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie are working on the story (as hinted on the cover to the one-shot) featuring Kid Loki and Miss America Chavez (from the 2011 Vengeance miniseries).

Gillen and McKelvie are frequent collaborators, best known for their Image series Phonogram (a third volume of which is expected in the near-ish future). Gillen has been writing Kid Loki extensively in the acclaimed series Journey Into Mystery, a book that he's wrapping his run on in October — with the title then shifting focus to another Asgardian, Sif.

Exactly the nature of this story is yet to be seen. If it's, as some have predicted given the presence of Wiccan on the Marvel NOW! Point One cover, a new incarnation of Young Avengers, it appears from this image that Kid Loki and Miss America have a long way to go before they can start acting like a team.

There are a total of six different sets of characters on the Marvel NOW! Point One cover, so there may be two teasers coming on Friday — and it seems likely at least one of them will be Guardians of the Galaxy member Star-Lord, from the team of Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven.


Update, 9/19: The third Marvel NOW! Point One teaser debuted Wednesday on Buzzfeed, and stars Nova — on the receiving end of an uppercut.

The creative team behind the Nova story is Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness — a writer/artist pair both very familiar with each other (they've worked together over the years on books including Superman/Batman, Hulk and Avengers: X-Sanction), and the current Nova, Sam Alexander, who was introduced in last year's Point One one-shot.

So, presuming that Tuesday's teaser (presumed to be Agent Coulson) is related to Nick Fury, that means the character/creative team pairs that remain unrevealed are Star-Lord and Kid Loki/Wiccan/Miss America Chavez; along with Brian Michael Bendis & Steve McNiven and Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie. Given that Bendis has been writing Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers Assemble and Kid Loki has been the star of Gillen's Journey Into Mystery, certainly some natural guesses can be made at this point about who's working on what, though definitive answers should be coming in the next couple of days.


Update, 9/18: We've got the exclusive debut of the second Marvel NOW! Point One teaser of the week, this time featuring the creative team of writer Nick Spencer and artist Luke Ross, plus a character that looks like it might be Agent Phil Coulson.

A fan-favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in the Marvel Studios films, Coulson made the jump from movies to comics earlier this year via the Battle Scars miniseries, one that also introduced Nick Fury's son (formerly known as Marcus Johnson and now simply going by his given name of Nick Fury), who appears on the Point One one-shot cover.

If this is indeed promoting a future project from the creative team, it would be the first for Spencer at Marvel since he left Ultimate Comics X-Men earlier this year. In 2011, the Morning Glories writer signed an exclusive deal with the publisher, and worked on projects including Secret Avengers, Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger and a Victor Von Doom miniseries that was canceled before publication.

Keep checking back for more Marvel NOW! Point One teasers throughout the week.


Original story: When Marvel NOW! Point One was first announced in July, Marvel revealed the creators involved and which characters would be featured, but not who was working on what.

This week, it looks like Marvel is removing some of that mystery through a series of teasers, starting with one on Marvel.com firmly establishing that Matt Fraction and Michael Allred are doing an Ant-Man story. That one has actually been known for a while — acting as a prelude of sorts to their November-debuting relaunch of FF, of which the Scott Lang Ant-Man is part of the main cast — but now there's a bit of preview art to check out.


It's also likely at this point that Dennis Hopeless and Gabriel Hernandez Walta's contribution will be about Cable (who, like Ant-Man, appears on the Marvel NOW! Point One cover), leading up to December's new Cable and X-Force series by Hopeless and Salvador Larroca. The creative teams behind the Nick Fury, Nova, Star-Lord and Kid Loki/Wiccan/Miss America Chavez stories remain to be revealed, but it looks like that information might be coming sooner rather than later. 

Marvel NOW! Point One is scheduled for release in October, and, like 2011's similarly titled release, is a one-shot intended to preview multiple upcoming new series from the publisher.

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