UPDATED: Psylocke Leads UNCANNY X-FORCE Into Marvel NOW!


Yes, we know, X-Force is led by Cable once more in the Marvel NOW! relaunch, with Cable & X-Force #1 coming in December from Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca. Turns out, though, Uncanny X-Force is led by Psylocke, in a book featuring her and a whole new team of "killers."

Uncanny X-Force #1 arrives in January 2013, following the end of Rick Remender's critically acclaimed run to the book of the same name in December. Written by Sam Humphries with art by Ron Garney, the book will focus on the mutant ninja Psylocke, as speculated thanks to the interview with Marvel SVP of Sales David Gabriel on Friday. The book, teased as "KILLERS" two weeks ago, was officially revealed on ComicsAlliance today through an interview with Humphries.

The book will have a decidedly different mission from the Cable title, picking up six months after Remender's story ends. As for that squad? Storm is a surprising addition to the team, as she's never been viewed as much of a "killer," though her post-Avengers vs. X-Men status may influence that. Puck, formerly of the Canadian superteam Alpha Flight (also formerly of the dead status) and Spiral, Mojo's six-armed enforcer are confirmed members, though Humphries promises the roster will number more than just four, as they "have a few more characters joining the group in the first few issues." Of the first four, he says they're "wild cards. They're all strong personalities, they're all strong in terms of their powers, they've all got dark secrets and they've all got a rebellious streak."

While Puck may seem like a strange choice to some, Humphries likens him to "a Canadian Indiana Jones, an adventurer." Psylocke, meanwhile, "is a survivor," and her situation post-Rick Remender's run will be directly addressed. 

In an additional interview with Marvel.com, the writer addressed the oddball choice of Storm. "Odd one out? Don't forget Storm is still the same person who ran off into the Tokyo night and reappeared sporting leather street wear and a mohawk! I see everyone in this book as a wild card, especially Storm. Without saying too much, the events of AvX creates a bond between her and Betsy that will take them into the events of the book together."


Uncanny X-Force will explore the "situations and beings and all sorts of dark secrets that you can't find anywhere else" in the X-Universe, said Humphries to CA. He expanded, saying both old fans and new will find things they'll like about the book. "Long-term X-Men fans will definitely find juicy bits to sink their teeth into. Familiar characters, familiar locations, familiar themes. But my job is to take these into the context of X-Force and present them in a whole new light. To see a new, perhaps dark corner of locations you've seen before," said the writer.

Specifically, this team won't be hanging out around the Jean Grey School or Utopia much. Instead, they'll be trotting the globe (and beyond). "What we're going to do is cut this crew loose and let them roam around the world to various locations," Humphries said. "Some are real-life locations, some are Marvel Universe, some may not even be on Planet Earth."

The Marvel.com interview also revealed the first villain of the series: Bishop. Cable, the leader of the other X-Force team and series, was of course chased through time with Hope at his side by his fellow time traveler, and Storm has a prior relationship with the man with the M tattoo. Bishop will be greatly affected by his final destination after Cable scrambled his time traveling ways. "He was abandoned in the year 6300 AD," Humphries told Marvel.com. "The dude has been alone, thousands of years in the future. A man goes through a lot of changes trying to get from 6300 AD to the present day. It is going to be an ugly reunion all around."

Humphries also hinted that his title may interact with Dennis Hopeless's Cable & X-Force, especially thanks to Bishop.

"But we've also got two books with two very different focuses. To put it simply, Uncanny X-Force are the hunters, and Cable & X-Force are the hunted. Will the two books intersect? Well, one book has Cable as a leader, and one has Bishop has a bad guy. There's a volatile history there that could be powerful enough to draw in both teams."

Humphries promises readers that he's very conscious of following Remender's run, one of his "favorite books since before Marvel even knew [his] name."

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