DC Comics Announces Series Ahead of December Solicits

DC had a flurry of announcements heading into the weekend, previewing the publisher's Monday solicitations of comics delivering in December:


More JSA: The Liberty Files: In the second story to be told in its DC's Elseworlds format since the return of the alternate-universe stories in 2009, the publisher announced a sequel to the 2004 series JSA: The Liberty Files.

The story, set in an alternate version of the 1940s, will be titled JSA: The Liberty Files - The Whistling Skull and begins in December. It will be written by B. Clay Moore with art by Tony Harris, who co-created the original story from 2004 with co-writer Dan Jolley and co-artist Ray Snyder. DC previewed Harris' cover of issue #1 for the new mini-series.


New Dial H Artist: Italian artist Alberto Ponticelli, known to DC readers for his work on Unknown Soldier, will be the new series illustrator for Dial H beginning in December. The series, written by novelist China Miéville, starts a new storyline in December, and DC previewed a cover of issue #7 by Brian Bolland.

Human Bomb: Co-writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray return to the world of the Freedom Fighters with a four-part miniseries, Human Bomb, beginning in December.

The story, which the writers called part mystery/part science fiction, features art by the legendary Jerry Ordway.

Die-Cut Covers for Joker Crossover: In October, DC will mark the comics taking part in the "Death of the Family" crossover by adding a die-cut overcover to them.

The story and cover treatment begin in Batman #13, which will feature a cover by Greg Capullo, plus his die-cut, cardstock overcover. While an image was not available, DC said Capullo's overcover "spotlights" the Joker.

The overcover will also appear on Batgirl #13 and Catwoman #13, both labeled as "preludes" to "Death of the Family," as well as Suicide Squad #14, Batman and Robin #15, Detective Comics #15, Nightwing #15, Red Hood and the Outlaws #15 and Teen Titans #15.

There will also be variant covers involved, with a 1:100 black and white variant for Batman #13 and a 1:25 black and white cover for Detective Comics #15, both drawn by Capullo.


Arrow Digital Series:  The new CW show Arrow, which premiers in October and gives DC hero Green Arrow his own live action series, will also get a new weekly digital comic book. Based on the TV show, the comic will be 99 cents and will come out each Wednesday starting October 10, the day of the TV show's debut.

Written Arrow executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim, both veteran comic book writers, the stories will fill in gaps of the television show. DC announced that writer/artist Mike Grell will draw the first two cover, with Sergio Sandoval and Jorge Jimenez doing artwork in subsequent chapters.

The series will also be collected in print — putting three of the weekly chapters into each issue — for $3.99 starting in late November.

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