CABLE & X-FORCE Are 'Wanted' at Marvel NOW!


Cable is back, and he is once again in control of his old team — but with mostly new faces. That's the announcement of the December-debuting Cable and X-Force today over at Comic Book Resources, marking the second Dennis Hopeless-written title in the Marvel NOW! lineup. Salvador Larroca and Frank D'Armata are providing art on the title that was teased last week with the one word "Wanted."

This announcement comes after Newsarama announced the new Thunderbolts title starring Red Hulk, Punisher, Deadpool, Venom, and Elektra, and announced Avengers Arena, Hopeless's other title that will take the youth of the Marvel Universe and put them into a Hunger Games-esque version of Murder World.

Cable and X-Force marks both a return and a reinvention of the X-Force concept, Hopeless told CBR.

"When Nick Lowe asked me to pitch the book, he said X-Force has a history of reinvention. Every time there's a new X-Force title, it's miles different from the previous incarnation. Then Nick asked, 'What would your version of X-Force be?'

"That was a really cool and interesting challenge, especially because right after that, he said, 'But make it about Cable,' and hung up the phone. I had to figure out a story that would reinvent X-Force while also taking the book back to its Cable roots."

Hopeless says Cable is "Mad Max meets Steve McQueen as played by the T2 Terminator," and that "He just wants whatever horrible thing he has to do done fast, so he can steal five minutes peace after." But his supporting cast isn't likely to give him much of the peace he's after.


The lineup features returning X-Force member Domino, who has also been an on and off romance for the titular character. Joining the duo are Forge, Colossus (looking de-juggernauted in the cover image), and Dr. Nemesis of the X-Men's science team. The twist is that this team will have a circumstance early in the first arc that puts them on the run, with the Uncanny Avengers squad, led by Cable's uncle Havok, chasing them.

"From their perspective, this X-Force is a team of super villains," Hopeless told CBR. But he equates the squad more to a "Mission Impossible" team in the middle of the movie. The book is part crime/heist, part international spy chase, and part big superhuman action.

There's still one more teaser from last week, the similar "Killers" teaser also revealed last Friday, which may or may not have ties to Cable & X-Force, so stay tuned for more Marvel NOW! news as it comes.

In an interview with, Hopeless said that he's looking to embrace the title's '90s roots: "We’re stealing everything that was fun and exciting about that over-the-top 90’s X-FORCE and bolting it onto modern characterization and storytelling. Our X-Force is giant guns, insane action, badass badasses and three-dimensional characters with human emotions!"

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