Ed Brubaker Sends WINTER SOLDIER on a 'Black Widow Hunt'


A new Winter Soldier story arc titled "Window Hunt" starts with this week's issue #10 (preview here), and Marvel is promoting the book with a newly released teaser image, seen here.

The arc is notable for kicking off what will be Ed Brubaker's last work-for-hire output at Marvel for the time being; new writer Jason Latour is set to take over the series with February's Winter Soldier #15, with Brubaker focusing on creator-owned titles like Fatale at Image Comics and an unannounced upcoming series (which he hyped as being capable of making fans evacuate their bowels).

As the title suggests, the story is set to focus on Black Widow, Avengers movie co-star and Bucky's significant other. Per recent developments in the book, she's been re-brainwashed by Soviet sleeper agent Leo Novokov, but it looks like Bucky won't have to face the situation alone — according to advance solicitations, both Hawkeye (issue #11) and Wolverine (issue #12) will make guest appearances during the arc.

April 2014's Captain America film sequel is officially subtitled "The Winter Soldier," seemingly ensuring that Bucky will continue to have a role to play in the Marvel Universe for the foreseeable future.

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