Latest Marvel NOW! Teasers are 'Wanted' 'Killers'


Update: And here's another teaser image, this time from ComicsAlliance: It's current Ultimate Comics Ultimates writer Sam Humphries and veteran artist Ron Garney on something debuting in January 2013, teased only with the word "killers."

Well, who kills in the Marvel Universe? That's kind of Uncanny X-Force's M.O., to take out major threats permanently. The current arc on the series, "Final Execution," looks to be wrapping up in December, and it's been said to be something of a culmination of everything that writer Rick Remender has been doing on the book — and he'll be pretty busy in the Marvel NOW! era, writing both Uncanny Avengers and Captain America.

The "Killers" teaser was released roughly simultaneously as the "Wanted" one, and hey, "Wanted Killers" kind of fits together, right? If, prospectively, "Killers" indeed has something to do with X-Force, and the two images are related, that would seem to drive up the chances that "Wanted" refers to Cable, as speculated below, given the guy's history with the team (leader of the original early '90s version). (Update: In correspondence with Newsarama, Marvel has implied that the "Wanted" and "Killers" teasers are indeed connected.)

Of course, that's just speculation, and this could be teasing anything from an all-new concept to the Cape-Killers to the Ladykillers to the band that sang "Somebody Told Me." But all will likely be revealed soon, and it's worth noting that this is presumably Humphries' Marvel Universe debut, as his work for the company thus far has consisted of Ultimates and the John Carter: Gods of Mars miniseries.


Original story: Friday's Marvel NOW! teaser image, first seen at CBR, has a lot in common with Thursday's: It features writer Dennis Hopeless, and it's not easy to decipher what book it might be promoting. 

This time, Hopeless is paired with artist Salvador Larroca — wrapping up a long run on Invincible Iron Man in October — and the word of the day is "wanted," in gold text. "Wanted" could mean many things in the Marvel Universe, and it's worth pointing out that both Hopeless and Larroca were originally solicited for the Marvel NOW! Point One one-shot, which means there's at least a reasonable chance that this has to do with one of the characters on that cover — the new Nick Fury, Nova, Cable, Star-Lord and a trio of young heroes (Kid Loki, Wiccan and Miss America Chavez). Ant-Man's also on that cover, but his story has been established as an FF prelude.

Whatever series announcement is on the other side of this teaser image, it's clear that with two new series, Marvel is giving Hopeless (whose wrote the X-Men: Season One graphic novel and last year's Legion of Monsters miniseries) a major vote of confidence. Is it possible that the "Survive" and "Wanted" teasers are related somehow? Odd are answers will come as soon as this time next week.

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