'the Hell Does "SURVIVE" Mean in New Marvel NOW! Teaser?


The latest Marvel NOW! teaser for a new, December-debuting series landed midday Thursday, with the word "survive," some blood spatter and the creative team of writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Kev Walker.

Hopeless was announced in July as one of the writers working on the Marvel NOW! Point One one-shot out in October. That cover featured the new Nick Fury from Battle Scars, plus images of Nova, Ant-Man, Cable, Star-Lord and a trio of young heroes (Kid Loki, Wiccan and Miss America Chavez).

Though it's been established that the Ant-Man story is an FF prelude by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred, seemingly the rest of the characters on that image are at least a possibility to star in Hopeless's new book — though given the bloody imagery, Cable certainly seems more likely than others; and he definitely knows how to "survive," given that he recently came back from presumed death.

Of course, it's also distinctly possible that this book and the Point One one-shot cover aren't necessarily related. It could be an entirely new series rather than a relaunch or an existing concept, or an indication of an entirely different Marvel Universe survivor that might find himself around blood (zombie cyborg Deathlok? or Punisher, if Wednesday's teaser wasn't about him?).

The writer's most prominent Marvel work up to this point has been the X-Men: Season One hardcover graphic novel released earlier this year, and the 2011 Legion of Monsters miniseries. Walker has worked on Thunderbolts, and subsequently Dark Avengers, from 2010 until this past month. Given Hopeless's Legion of Monsters past with Morbius the Living Vampire, that character would seem to fit with blood and "survive," but he's occupied with an upcoming ongoing series by Joe Keatinge and Rich Elson. But maybe another vampiric character? Blade, or perhaps some of the territory that Victor Gischler had been exploring on titles like ? When we know, you'll know.

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