LIGHTNING Strikes MARVEL NOW! in New Teaser

Last month, writer Daniel Way told Newsarama he'd be writing a Marvel NOW! title, and that it would be "a team book and... yeah, that's about all I can say."


Marvel said more Wednesday afternoon. In an exclusive-to-Newsarama new Marvel NOW! teaser (in the same style as last month's), Way and, presumably, artist Steve Dillon have been named as the creative team for a new December-debuting series. The word "Lightning" and red crosshairs are the distinguishing features of this new teaser, offering some clues to the identity of the title. 

Lightning is associated with a few characters and concepts at Marvel, including Thor and Storm, but as far as teams go, "Justice, Like Lightning," is the long-time tagline of the Thunderbolts, a team usually comprised of villains, former villains looking for redemption, or antiheroes.

Way of course is coming off a long run on Deadpool, and given the red crosshairs, Marvel's 'Merc' with a Mouth' seems like a solid candidate for what looks to be a team title based on the clues (including Way's comments) so far.

Who else at Marvel comes to mind with crosshairs? Certainly The Punisher, and according to outgoing Punisher writer Greg Rucka, in a July interview with, he is in fact scheduled to join a team.

"At some point a few months ago I was informed that Marvel wanted to end the book and would be spinning Punisher out into a different team book and I wouldn’t be writing it," Rucka told IGN.

As for other gun-toting heroes who don't mind skirting the law? Cable is supposed to have a higher Marvel NOW! profile soon, and his sometimes girlfriend Domino is quite the crackshot herself. Sticking with the femme fatales, Silver Sable may be presumed dead over in Amazing Spider-Man, but hey, that's not necessarily an impediment in joining a team in comic books. Bullseye (also currently deceased) has been a member of the Thunderbolts and the Dark Avengers (the current title of the book). And Venom, now a super-soldier in his own right, augments his symbiotic abilities with firepower.

And hey, since it's most likely a team book, nothing says it can't be any combination of these characters.

As for what this may mean for the recently rebranded Dark Avengers, Jeff Parker's title that changed from Thunderbolts only three months ago... just recently, Parker revealed that the Thunderbolts storyline — and role — in Dark Avengers will end in November, so it's possible a new Thunderbolts book could coexist with Dark Avengers. When we have the answers, you'll have the answers and if precedent from last month holds, that should be one week from today.

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