Marvel Mobile Game AVENGERS INITIATIVE Trailer Released


An Avengers mobile game has been teased since last month, but now an official trailer has arrived, as well as screenshots from the game, which debuts on Thursday September 6, 2012.

Avengers Initiative is an episodic action game for iOS and Android devices, and starts with a Hulk adventure available for $6.99. Future installments look to include more of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, including Captain America, Thor and Iron Man.

The game is written by frequent Marvel Comics scribe Fred Van Lente, and through the Marvel XP service seems to tie-in to the facebook game Marvel Avengers Alliance, though exactly how remains to be seen.

What we know of the story so far is that a "mysterious Pulse" from space knocked out much of global communications, and also let free all the supervillains being held in the Vault. Wendigo, Zzzaxx, Krogan, and other hard-hitting Marvel villains were the first revealed.

Here's the new trailer, and stay tuned for more soon:

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