Jim Lee Re-Covers JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 for Reprint


Predictably, the first issue featuring the coupling of Wonder Woman and Superman, Justice League #12 is going back to print. The second edition of the book will feature a new cover by artist and co-publisher Jim Lee, this time putting Wonder Woman a little more in charge of the situation.

Buzzfeed revealed the pencils of the image, with the heroes once again locking lips in flight.

The story has dominated the newscycle, reaching into the mainstream as DC's The Source blog points out. Newsarama's own editor Lucas Siegel was even called onto a NY CBS affiliate to talk about the development.

Will it last? How does it lead into the big stories of the coming year of DC Comics? That remains to be seen, though there are some clues.

The reprint of Justice League #12 hits shelves September 26, 2012.

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