Jason Latour Replaces Ed Brubaker on WINTER SOLDIER


Update: Ed Brubaker has commented on his departure from Winter Soldier on Twitter, writing, "To end all speculation: Cap 19 and Winter Soldier 14 are my last Marvel books for now. But I may return, because Marvel has been my home." He continued, saying, "My next comic project, beside Fatale, will be announced in December or January. And you'll sh*t when you hear about it. In YOUR PANTS."

Original story: Ed Brubaker's move away from work-for-hire superhero comics and fully towards creator-owned series appears complete, at the writer is leaving Marvel's Winter Soldier as of February. Jason Latour is following him on the book.

The news was announced Friday at Fan Expo in Toronto during Marvel's Avengers vs. X-Men panel. In the first early plot details from Marvel.com's live blog from the panel, Marvel director of communications Arune Singh was quoted as saying, "Someone will be coming back for revenge in the story."

Latour is best known as an artist, having illustrated issues of Wolverine, Invincible and Scalped. Last month he wrote Untold Tales of Punisher MAX #2 for Marvel, among other writing credits like Loose Ends for 12 Gauge Comics.

CBR has an interview with the writer/artist, who said of his upcoming story, "Chiefly it's going to focus around a new threat and a new ally. Two people who were once caught in the Winter Soldier's swath. Our big antagonist is a new take on Bucky's rogues' gallery in the sense that she's the first indirect casualty of his actions. She's got plans much larger than revenge, but their personal connection is going to make things very complicated for Bucky."

Brubaker, who wraps his eight-year Captain America run in October, had previously stated that Winter Soldier would be his only work-for-hire series going forward, in order to focus on creator-owned material like Image's Fatale.

Marvel has yet to announce the artist who will be working with Latour on his run, which starts with issue #15. Keep reading Newsarama for more from Latour on Winter Soldier.

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