Best Comic Book Software for Aspiring Artists

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Creating a comic book can be tedious and difficult, and the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment can discourage amateurs from giving it a shot. Comic creation software is a cost-effective solution. Recently, TopTenREVIEWS found the best comic creation software, evaluating the applications that offer the best tools, the easiest interface and the top functionality.

"Thanks to the internet and comic book software, you can start delivering your vision to the masses," said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor for TopTenREVIEWS. "Whether you want to create a superhero or make fun of pop culture, these programs make creating your masterpiece easier than ever."

The Top 3:

1. Manga Studio Debut 4: This comic book software caters to beginners by offering a simple interface and several templates. Manga Studio Debut also has customizable brushes and text editors. Users can choose the beginner's assistance interface, which is well organized and offers descriptions of the common tools. When beginner's assistance is turned off, the standard view allows artists to customize their workspaces.

2. SketchBook Pro: This comic book software offers pen tablet compatibility. The interface is similar to other graphic design programs, and artists can work on different layers with several tools. SketchBook Pro works on all computers, including tablets. This program focuses on artistic and graphic design, so it does not feature templates that are specific to comic books.

3. Comic Creator: This PC-only comic book software delivers a solid all-around experience. For beginners, the program features several background and character templates to learn from or to jump-start creativity. For more advanced artists who want to start from a blank file, a wide variety of tools allows for full creative control.

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What Makes Top-Notch Comic Book Software?

All comic book software packages offer different specialties. Artists should look for the tools and features that are important for their needs. Also, beginners should find programs that are easy to use. Artists should judge comic book software by the following elements.

Tools: From text to brushes, comic book software should offer several tools for editing graphics and text. Most programs offer templates to help get the creative juices flowing. Great comic book software will allow artists to organize and create books in one workspace and offer drawing tools, like pens, pencils and airbrushes.

Ease of Use: The best comic book software provides workspace organization. With all the images and text files on a page, artists should be able to easily find and edit the elements they need. Also, top-notch programs will offer tips and ideas for beginners while allowing advanced customization for seasoned artists.

Features: Some comic book software allows for multiple file formats and project types. All programs should offer special effect tools. Some programs will allow for 2D and 3D rendering, and others will offer animation tools. Great software works well with email, Facebook and blogging platforms during the publishing process.

Help & Support: Even the best applications only offer average customer support options. Look for software that offers in-program and online help, including a user manual and email support.

With the use of comic book software, physical tools like easels, brushes and inks will no longer burden veteran and aspiring artists. For a fraction of the cost, anyone can become a comic book author.

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