MARVEL AVENGERS Mobile Game Coming, But What Is It?


Marvel is teasing "Something Massive Smashing" onto mobile platforms, but hasn't said just what at this point.

First came a teaser image showing the Hulk in the foreground, with fellow Avengers Iron man, Hulk, and Thor in silhouette below him. It implies a strong presence by the Green Goliath, and a connection to the Avengers.

Then, on the Marvel XP facebook fan page, a couple of new clues emerged. First was their cover photo. Since Marvel Avengers Alliance launched as a game on facebook, Marvel Entertainment has teased that it was just the beginning - that multiple games, all tied into each other, were on the way. With the cover photo's literal line drawn from the Avengers Alliance logo to the Hulk, that seems to indicate this will exist in the same universe as the ISO-driven adventure that features characters from Iron Man to Emma Frost in playable combat.

Today, we have an all-new video from S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury, with an ominous warning about a mysterious energy pulse. The pulse, he says, has compromised the security of The Vault, releasing villains like Humanoid, Wendigo, Zzzax, a war Skrull, Kronan, and many more.

Director Fury goes on to say, "To contain a crisis this big we need to split you up on individual missions," and activates the Avengers Initiative. The movie Avengers roster is on screen receiving the breifing, which may hint at possible playable characters.

Check out the video below, speculate away, and stay tuned for more information on Marvel's new Mobile Avengers game very soon.

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