Best Shots Extra: Secret Invasion #6

Best Shots Extra: Secret Invasion #6

Secret Invasion #6

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Pencils: Lenil Francis Yu

Inks: Mark Morales

Colors: Laura Martin

From: Marvel Comics

As the Skrulls continue to try and convince Earth’s populace to “embrace change”, the heroes of the Marvel Universe finally come together to put a stop to the plans of the alien invaders in a transitional issue of Brian Bendis and Lenil Francis Yu’s summer (and into fall) epic, Secret Invasion. Throughout the issue, Bendis subtly lays the groundwork for the post-invasion Marvel Universe as he tries to prepare not only the citizens of Earth but the readers, as well, for the coming change. On art, Lenil Francis Yu continues to provide some solid pencils but stumbles a bit throughout the issue as he tries to keep up with a narrative that tries to do too much with to few pages.

Every month, when reading the newest issue of Secret Invasion, I have to remind myself as a reader that the events are taking place in a very small window of time so there has been a frenzied nature to the overall story. Unfortunately the frenzy that has carried this story since issue one is completely lost this issue as Bendis makes up some ground story wise to get all the necessary characters to New York for the final showdown.

Due to the number of scenes that Bendis has to visit before the last two issues and the disparate nature of those scenes, this issue read a little choppier than previous installments which hampered the overall tension of any significant developments. There were some good moments strewn throughout the issue, including a battle between the Skrull forces and Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors or the queen’s momentary hesitation upon seeing Thor’s arrival in New York, but the lack of tension throughout the issue really worked against the excitement of the previous ones.

The story is salvaged thanks in no small part to Bendis’ deft handling of dialog and characterization as he manages to add an air of suspicion throughout the issue with the revelation of the possibility an Avenger is still under the Skrulls sway. It was an interesting twist but as a reader I would have preferred a bit more action this issue and less exposition.

Lenil Francis Yu’s art continues to be displayed in an impressive manner with his ever changing panel layouts and balanced use of double page spreads to convey the magnitude of the initial invasion on Manhattan or the initial moments of the hero’s battle for Earth. Yet, it is Yu’s handling of Thor’s entrance that is a real scene stealer this issue as the reaction from the heroes and the Skrulls alike relays the importance of Thor’s appearance within the confines of this event. Yu’s art improvement from previous issues continues yet a heavy reliance on shadows made for some distracting panels, especially where Spider-Man was concerned.

Secret Invasion continues to be an entertaining read that is enhanced by the scale of the event. With the preliminaries out of the way it looks like Bendis and Yu have thrown down the gauntlet as they prepare to get on with the hitting. The most fascinating aspect of the story though continues to be the one thing most readers seem to ignore – just how deeply entrenched in the Marvel Universe Skrulls must be if they think they have already won. The signs are there, but is anyone paying attention?

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