INVINCIBLE #100 Teaser Finale - 'The Death of...'


Update 6 (and last?) - 08/21/12: What appears to be the last Invincible #100 "Death of..." teaser image seems to suggest what Invincible and Robert Kirkman fans have been speculating about all along ... he may just kill everyone.

Tuesday's teaser expands the presumed story arc to Invincible #98-100 and out-and-out reads "The Death of Everyone", with no question marks. With just about any other writer and/or publisher, you might assume the promise is just marketing, but with Kirkman, you can't make that assumption.

Look for more information on the upcoming storyline when it's available.


Update 5 - 08/20/12: Image's Invincible #100 teasers are headed into a second week, further confirming the speculation that writer Robert Kirkman may kill anyone and even everyone in next year's issue #100.

This week's teases begins with Mark's father Omni-Man, possessor of the maybe the greatest mustache in comic book history.


Update 4 - 08/17/12: And finally, it's Oliver Grayson's turn. Mark's younger half-brother was born of another of daddy Nolan's Viltrumite invasion families. When Mark trained him on Earth, he took the name Kid Omni-Man (don't worry, Mark made fun of him for it, too), and later upped it to Young Omni-Man when his accelerated aging brought him into adolesence much faster than anyone could have expected.

Young Omni-Man and Invincible have had their problems, but Mark still wouldn't want to see his little brother get iced. Oliver seems about halway between the defiant Atom Eve and the knocked-the-eff-out everyone else in their teaser images. He's clearly been beaten and bloody, but he's still on his feet, albeit cowering in fear. Maybe the question isn't just which of these characters (if it's not some unseen other character, always a possibility as well) will die in Invincible #100. Maybe the question is, who can possibly tear apart these heroes so thoroughly, not to mention scare the pants off Oliver Grayson?


Update 3 - 08/16/12: As expected, a new teaser arrived this morning, and as expected, this time it's Atom Eve.

Samantha Eve Wilkins has been Mark Grayson's on-again off-again love for the vast majority of the series. When she left Teen Team, she discovered wonderous uses for her powers in a non-fighting-super-villains capacity, and seemed much happier... for a time.

She was dragged back into the fight, and nearly died during battle, though that doesn't take her off the table this time around. The most interesting thing about Atom Eve's teaser image is that she is the only one so far that appears to actually be fighting back. Robot, Allen, and Grayson himself are all in heaps on the ground, while she's powered up and in a fighting stance.

Does that mean she's less likely to be the big death, or more likely?


Update 2 - 08/15/12: The third teaser is here, and Robot looks to be in dire peril.

Premeiring way back in Invincible #2, the character called Robot was later revealed to actually be a human named Rudy Conners. With ties to the old Teen Team, the Guardians of the Globe, Invincible, and Monster Girl, this is one connected character. Robot's death would certainly shake things up for the world of Invincible, and we'll see in early 2013 if he's the one that bites the big one.


Update 1 - 08/14/12: And now the plot thickens. As we supposed, there is a possibility that just about anyone in the larger Invincible cast could die in the landmark #100 issue. After yesterday's teaser featuring Mark Grayson, today's features another longterm castmember.

Allen the Alien has been at times a hero, at times a villain. Sometimes an agent of the Viltrumites, and sometimes a staunch defender of Earth. Sometimes he's been Mark's best friend, and sometimes he's beaten the holy hell out of our hero.

Will Allen the Alien be the one to die? Well, he sure could be. We anticipate more teasers soon...


Original Story: After scoring big with The Walking Dead #100 writer Robert Kirkman is beginning to plant seeds for the 100th issue of his other long-running Image ongoing series Invincible #100, in what looks to the first of several teasers for the early 2013 (?) issue.

Mark Grayson has very nearly faced death several times before, starting with his very first adventure, when he was nearly killed by his own father. More recently, Mark has had to face down one of his good friends and his own brother in a showdown that - you guessed it - nearly killed him.

So what does this teaser mean? Is it the true death of Invincible? The death of Mark Grayson? Is the character in peril in the image the same one that the text refers to, or could one of the other major supporting cast members like his paramour Atom Eve be in the crosshairs?

One thing's for sure, Kirkman proved with TWD #100 that no one is safe in his creator-owned tales, so Invincible fans should be afraid...

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