Games Collide: SONIC Meets MEGA MAN in Comic Crossover Event


For fans, it's always fun to crossover different properties "on paper." Batman meets Spider-Man. Harry Potter meets Sabrina. Or Sonic the Hedgehog meets Mega Man.

But none of those could really happen. Could they?

Don't be so sure.

In 2013, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man will finally meet in a sanctioned comic book that promises to be a "mega-event" for the Archie properties. How did it happen?


Step One: Archie Comics, the publisher of the long-running Sonic the Hedgehog comics, recently landed the rights to the Mega Man comic.

Step Two: Both comic universes are written by the same scribe, Ian Flynn.

Step Three: The stars apparently aligned so that Sonic's owner, Sega, and Mega Man's owner, Capcom, agreed to a meeting between the two.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

In 2013, fans of both properties will finally see what happens when the two game universes collide in the Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man Crossover. The 12-part story will take place in three ongoing Archie titles based on the video-game franchises: Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man and Sonic Universe.

Flynn, who recently wrote the "Genesis" event in the Sonic titles, will also be writing the "Mega Man/Sonic" crossover, with cover art by Patrick Spaziante.


It's a dream come true for fans of both characters, as well as Flynn himself. Newsarama talked to the writer about the upcoming story and how he's handling the meeting of the two blue characters.

Newsarama: Ian, as a fan of both properties and a writer in both universes, was this something you were hoping to do all along?

Ian Flynn: Hoping for? Sure. One of the first questions I asked when we got Mega Man was "how likely do you think a crossover would be?" I never thought it would happen, though. It's too good to be true. And yet here we are, and I ain't complaining!

Nrama: How in the world did you guys get Sega and Capcom to work together? And are they involved in the plotting of the story at all?

Flynn: Credit goes to Capcom and Sega, actually. Capcom brought the idea to the table first, and Sega was quick to play ball and make things happen. From there they're letting us do our thing (with everything being approved, of course).


: How would you describe the story overall? Is it comparable to multi-comic events you've done before for Archie?

Flynn: In a word? "Bombastic." It's Sonic meeting Mega Man, and who knows when we'll get to do something like this again? I've thrown everything I can into this. Lots of action, lots of general fun, with robots exploding everywhere. Other story arcs I've done have been contained in-universe and have been designed to tell a story while setting up future plots. This one is more about celebrating two iconic characters and having a blast with them on their adventure.

Nrama: Why do you think these two characters and their universes make sense together?

Flynn: There's a lot of common themes between the two of them. Sonic and Mega Man are both pure-hearted heroes without a lot of baggage. Both their worlds have hi-tech materials and themes. Both have endearing, fun, brightly colored casts. Both battle fiendish geniuses with fabulous mustaches. They're both blue. The list goes on and on. 

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: How would you describe their reaction to each other once they meet? Is it love or hate at first sight?

Flynn: It doesn't go well. Sonic is known for smashing robots. Mega Man doesn't do well around pointy objects. In any good crossover, you inevitably have the Hero vs. Hero fight. It's just fun.

Nrama: There are differences, obviously, between Sonic and Mega Man. How would you say they differ, and are you getting to play up those differences in this story?

Flynn: Mega Man is the more "virtuous" of the two, in a way. He's more innocent and prefers not to fight. Sonic is more of the care-free, hair-trigger type who is always eager for action in any form. For them to work together and succeed, they'll need to find a common ground to work from. 


: Will Proto Man be involved, now that he's being introduced to the Mega Man comic?

Flynn: Proto Man will definitely be involved.

Nrama: Will there be a lot of familiar characters and concepts involved? Can you tease any of them?

Flynn: If you've played the Sonic and Mega Man games, you'll know who everyone is. Due to the nature of Drs. Eggman and Wily's plot, we can pull from a large stable of characters. Nobody is off-limits.

Nrama: What will we see from Dr. Wily and Eggman?

Flynn They're the best of friends from the word go. They have so much in common - dreams of world domination, affinity for goofy killer robots, trouble with blue heroes - that they instantly bond. I had to remind myself this is a Sonic and Mega Man crossover, and not the Eggman & Wily Super Show. 


: Will you be introducing any new characters and concepts, and can you tell us anything about what we might see that's new?

Flynn: There will be a number of "new" Mega Man characters insofar as we've not properly introduced them in the main book yet. And with the two doctors working together, you'll be seeing some new twists on some old ideas.

Nrama: What should readers take away from the fact that it crosses between so many titles over an extended period — for an entire 12 issues?

Flynn: As I said before, who knows when we'll get to do something like this again, so it was decided to go all-out and make this a mega-event. That said, it's very well contained and structured. It's twelve issues, but it's only taking up four months worth of books. Each installment comes out in order of release, so you don't have to track down multiple books per month. And even if you miss one, there will be recaps at the beginning of each issue. It'll be easy to keep up on, and you'll be left going "aw, it's over already?"

Nrama: Anything else you want to tell fans about the Sonic/Mega Man crossover?

Flynn: We're building this thing to be accessible and fun for everyone. If you're already a fan of the two Sonic books and/or Mega Man, you know what to expect. This is the same kind of fun you've been enjoying already. For new readers who are coming on for the novelty of the event, it's been made super-accessible. If you're a games-only fan, you'll feel right at home. If you're a complete novice, you're in for a lot of fun and surprises. Everybody wins!

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