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We caught up with Jason Latour at C2E2 2013 and talked about the end of Winter Solider and Latour's upcoming Wolverine: Japan's Most Wanted.
Paul talks about what coming up with Wolverine in 2013.
The writer for Detective Comics talks about the 'Law and Order' of the Batman comics at C2E2 2013.
Kenneth Rocafort talks about drawing Superman at C2E2 2013.
In part 2 of our interview with Kieron Gillen at C2E2 2013, we dig deeper into Young Avengers and Uber.
Why the death of Damian causes a slow burn of grief in the Bat-Family after the "silent issue." Also, coming to the end of his run on Green Lantern.
At C2E2 2013 Kieron Gillen talks about Young Avengers in part one of our interview.
Andy talks to Newsarama at C2E2 2013.
Doug talks to Newsarama about ending his four-year run on Green Lantern and his future work.
We spoke with Reilly Brown about his comic POWER PLAYER at C2E2 2013.
Brian Posehn and Jordan D. White talk about their comic, Deadpool, and some upcoming superhero cameos.
Mark Waid turned heads when he took over Daredevil, teaching dark life lessons and deepening the characters' stories. Now he's shaking things up wi...
Rick Remender talks Captain America at C2E3 2013.
Rick Remender combines The avengers and X-Men for Uncanny Avengers at C2E2 2013.
Ed Boon talks about his work on the fighting video game "Injustice: Gods Among Us" brought to you be the makers of Mortal Kombat
Brian talks about his Dark Horse work at C2E2 2013.
Ben talks to Newsarama about his latest work at C2E2 2013.
Lobo, the first DLC character for Injustice: Gods Among Us, will be available for download on May 7.
Charles Soule talks Red Lantern, Swamp Thing and his new graphic novel project, Strange Attractors at C2E2 2013
Creators Frank Barbiere and Chris Mooneyham explain the genesis of their pulpy old-style comic to Newsarama's Justin Tyler at C2E2.
Tim talks to Newsarma about ending the Hack/Slash run and the latest on Revival.
The writer talks about his DC comic and the Injustice: Gods Among Us game @ C2E2 2013.
Jane Espenson and Brad Bell, creators of the marriage equality sitcom HUSBANDS, discuss the value of graphic novels and comics in creating new idea...
Creator Kyle Higgins talks Nightwing with Newsarama's Justin Tyler at C2E2 2013