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Trailer for the new Avengers game coming out in Fall 2012.
See some of the new enemies and tech in store for Master Chief in this game preview.
"What if our greatest heroes, became our greatest threat" is teased in the game trailer for Injustice - Gods Among Us.
New TV spot for the Dark Knight Rises movie
Latest TV spot for the Amazing Spider-Man, in theaters July 3, 2012.
Catwoman steals Bruce Wayne's car and has some choice words for the Dark Knight in the latest TV spot to hit the web. In Theaters July 20th.
Amazing new commercial for The Dark Knight Rises shown during Idol finale. In theaters July 20!
The free-to-play Marvel MMO Marvel Heroes is coming soon, and this first look at gameplay shows off how you'll be fighting as Deadpool, Spider-Man,...
The new Web Rush mechanic is shown off in this video game trailer, giving players a taste of the new way to be Spider-Man in the June 26, 2012 ship...
Green Arrow is jumping from DC Comics to his own ongoing television series, and we have the first teaser footage from CW's 2012 upfronts here.
Sony Pictures has released a four minute long 'super trailer' of The Amazing Spider-Man footage with better looks at this film's Peter Parker, Liza...
Check out a new trailer for Harley Quinn's Revenge Pack, the final chapter of Batman: Arkham City saga.
Joe Kubert talks about the school that bears his name and the great education in cartooning and graphic arts to be had there.
The latest trailer for the movie set to hit theater on July 7, 2012.
The Marvel writer and executive producer talks about the Disney XD lineup and comics update on Wolverine and Captain America White.
A behind the scenes look at bringing the Hulk into the Ultimate Spiderman TV series. On Disney XD on Sunday morning.
The Marvel Comics editor-in-chief talks about Avengers VS X-Men and more at C2E2 in Chicago.
The next Call Of Duty game has finally officially been revealed, and we have the debut trailer for you right here.
Check out the latest trailer for the Dark Knight finale, hitting theaters on July 20, 2012.
The writer talks about what's coming up in Batgirl at C2E2 in Chicago.
The DC Comics co-publisher talks about the WATCHMEN prequels.
Sparks, starring William Katts, Jake Busey and Clint Howard, gets a trailer. Releasing Fall 2012.
Writer J. Michael Straczynski talks about what's the Nite Owl and Dr. Manhattan n at C2E2 in Chicago.
The writer talks about what's coming up with Spider-Man at C2E2 in Chicago.