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In this edition of the writing advice column, Dirk Manning talks about the need to find your own idea and own voice
Dirk Manning is back with a new column on how to write comics. This time he tells you to start small, literally!
Dirk takes a break from heavy comics talk for a remembrance of a friend of the comics internet.
In this edition of the column, Dirk Manning talks about how hard work is often more important than natural ability
Dirk's back with a fresh column, detailing his past and how not to approach professionals
Dirk Manning is back with a new column, talking about realistic goals and how to see them through
Dirk Manning reaches an astounding 50th column, and celebrates with the launch of Nightmare World's first Trade Collection
Dirk Manning is back with a fresh column after a hiatus, this time discussing what to do (& not to do) when promoting your work
Dirk Manning is back! And this time, he's talking about taking time to do it right, and how it's the one thing not to skimp on
So if you want to write for a living, eventually you'll have to work with an editor. Dirk interviews one for his POV
Dirk's Nightmare World has been picked up by Shadowline's webcomics initiative, and he tells us about being true to yourself even when you get what...
Want to be a comic book creator? Do it. Want to find the time? Make it. It's not easy, Dirk explains, even when you want it
Dirk Manning is back, offering up the hard advice, and asking, if you want to be a comic book creator, what in the world is stopping you?
Dirk Manning is back with his thoughts on The dark Knight, and "movies based on comic books"
Dirk Manning is back, and is looking at the problems of Platinum, DC, and Tokyopop, and what that means to a small press creator