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Dirk Manning is back with his look at the other side of comic book creation, this time focusing on the importance of HELLBLAZER.
The longest-running column on Newsarama, Dirk Manning's Write or Wrong, is being collected as a book. We talk to the writer here.
Dirk Manning is back with a new column, this time discussing the rumored WATCHMEN Prequels, and why he's all for them.
Dirk Manning takes a look back at Nightmare World vol 1 with some "director's commentary" on two of the stories.
To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Write Or Wrong, Dirk writes a column about... quitting? Read on!
In this column, Dirk Manning compares the DCnU to Doctor Who in its approach to continuity, and does so favorably.
Write or Wrong returns to its more standard advice, this time with talking about how to present your most valuable commodity: yourself!
To finish off Dirk Manning's spotlight of "other than corporate hero" books, he looks at creators that hit a wide range of stories.
Dirk Manning continues talking about non-mainstream books you should give a chance, this time focusing on "Slice of Life" comics.
Dirk Manning continues his crusade for you to check out more diverse comics with a look at the ambiguous "genre" titles.
Dirk Manning continues his look into diverse creator owned books with a look at the horror genre.
So, Dirk Manning has been preaching diversity of comics, and now he kicks off a series giving specific examples.
Continuing last week's column, Dirk talks more about diversity of genre in comics in this week's Write or Wrong.
Dirk Manning takes a look at the recent hot-button topic of creator-owned comics, and why they're so necessary.
Dirk Manning is back with a new column about writers who have made their Names into Brands, and how they do it.
Dirk Manning takes a look at his journey so far, focusing on his Nightmare World anthology
Dirk Manning is bringing his how-to column to Detroit to go LIVE. Details inside!
In this edition of the writer's advice column, Dirk Manning warns against focusing too hard on the future