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The Animated Spy Farce on FX is having a strong first run. John Siuntres chats with the Art Director of the series
John Siuntres talks with the showrunners of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and gets some teases on who to expect on the show in the future
John got a sneak peek at tonight's JSA episode from the producers of Batman the Brave and the Bold!
The Punisher is now FRANKENCASTLE, and John Siuntres had a chat with the creative team about this strange new direction
John Siuntres has a one-on-one chat with Tim Seeley about his upcoming run on WildCATS and more
Greg Rucka sits down with Word Balloon for a long-form conversation about Superman, Queen & Country and more
Greg Rucka sits down with Word Balloon for a long-form conversation about the strong-willed DCU women he writes
Greg Rucka discusses what he described as his and artist J.H. William's plans for wrapping up their run on DC's Detective Comics together and launc...
Mystery Science Theater 3000 lives on as the downloadable Rifftrax, and we talk to Tom Servo himself about the series.
Writer/Artist Matt Wagner stops by to chat with John Siuntres about his ongoing work in comics & how classic characters fit today
Editor extraordinaire Tom Brevoort talks Strange, Avengers, and more with John Siuntres
Writer Brian Azzarello chats with John Siuntres about everything First Wave, & its launch this week w/ Batman/Doc Savage
The man who put Tony Stark into a coma chats about how he sees Iron Man, the mixing up of the X-Men, and much more.
In the latest edition of WORD BALLOON, John talks to Brian Bendis about Marvel's SIEGE and POWERS from the Baltimore Comic-Con
Bru stops by for part 2 of 2, with teases about Steve Cap / Bucky Cap, a look back at Daredevil, and more
Ed Brubaker stops by for part one of a two part series delving into, well, everything on his very full plate
John Siuntres chats with Remender about Marvel work, creator owned work, and upcoming plans in both arenas
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